Workshop results.

I didn’t know what to expect about the 1916 workshop and public consultation. I rang round the arts people plus a few others and still was as bemused as ever.
Ergo I went into some trouble to research what they did for the 50th. When in general the tended to put statues of guys in the uniform of the rebels. I sorta decided that this wasn’t a runner and thought the Proclamation itself in bronze might be a goer. We can nowadays slice bronze like butter and a gigantic so the lettering pierced through 10 inches of metal orientated to face the rising sun on the morn of 24 April 1916 might be apt, with smaller versions in all the towns and villages of the county. But the initial fund was €30,000.
Aaaaaany-woo. I’m not really that fond of municipal sculpture. I think it’s sad to see canons set on cement pointing blind, at nothing. And the martial, either on horseback or alone mit rifle/sword is just a traffic hazard, IMO.
So, I said the best bet for the money was something I saw on the telly from the USA. Why not have a re-enactment, at least as far as one could. People dressing up in the garb of the early 20th century and then having a darn good street party. Either in each and every village, or one massive one with food and fun fair and sports day for the kids.

They are to get back to us, so updates when they do. I’m not holding my wind quite frankly.

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A few bits of news.

Ireland voted for marriage equality 60 plus % Yes. People wonder how such a Catholic country could so ignore the controlling churchmen. Well the reason is we were always more a Christian place than an ultra controlled Spanish style militaristic one.

Many know I’ve researched gas BBQ’s these last few years. Now I’ve viewed and lusted after contraptions that could feed a multitude, and looks more complex that a ships bridge. But sanity took over. I now have a dual burner 20 x 13 and a bit incher. It will fit 10 big steaks, more than enough to do me. I’ve BBQed a spatchcocked chicken that took and hour on low with one burner. It was OK, nothing to write home about really. But I did a bit of Rump steak (sirloin in US money) that was sublime. Cooked to a turn, cut-able with a spoon and just a joy.

How does one live most of ones life and not be that bothered with being bitten by flies, mozzies and assorted pests to suddenly become a sore blotchy target. I have tea tree & manuka oil for the after bite, and I have the citronella wrist band. It only seems to encourage them. Kimberley mentioned lemons on the bites, didn’t have them, but did have limes and they take the irritation for a good few hours. But what’s reeeeeeeEEEly annoying is I wear hats. I took to them a few years ago when I realised the light travels down the lense of my glasses when I put the camera to my eye. I did have baseball caps, but the peak on them is too hard and I end up reversing them which defeats the idea. Any-hoos, the brim of the hat acts as a visor. BUT, both my hats have vent holes. 4 little holes surrounded by those brass snaps like you see on high-end jeans. those holes are doors for biting scum to get at my head. B%^*&$(*.

Oscar Romero created Blessed by Pope Francis. He was shot dead by a sniper as he celebrated Mass in a hospital chapel on 24 March 1980.  There are many cultural Catholics that removed themselves from direct church attendance after his assassination. And not because of the killing, but due to Rome’s reaction and John-Paul 2 who was seen to swing in behind the killers.

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Hawthorn or Maytree flower.


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A musing

There is now a cohort in high school that don’t know the relationship between a cassette tape and a pencil. And because of that a word has probably disappeared. Twiddle.

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Something new.


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Exhibition over.

OK. That’s ended then.
It was a bit odd. For the first few weeks things went well, or so I thought, but there was always something of an odd taste to the thing. Anywoo’s, I decided to remove all on Sunday morning. Oh yeah, the wedding was cancelled so when I arrived on last Thursday – I had the space to Friday – was told there was no rush to take them down. That’s why Sunday.
But I think I’ve gotten any good that was in it. And I’m glad they are out.

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Photo’s from the last day’s of Spring.

DSC_4049-1 DSC_4012-1 DSC_4017-1 DSC_4020-1

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