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When I was younger.

When I was younger I knew precisely what to think about the death of Robin Williams. It was a sin. He killed himself. End of, as the say in England. Now, I’m far far less judgmental and take a live … Continue reading

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I live in a brilliant little country. I’m biased, still, other people really like the place also. But somehow 60,000 school-leavers cannot find employment each year. 60K, the number that we shell out of the various educational establishments into the … Continue reading

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An odd belated trip. pt2

Intellectually speaking, Sunlight is a dangerous and uncomfortable thing. In the cave allegory the light mediated by people and the information given indirectly has that degree of collective certainty that while you’re helped up the slope to the Light you’re … Continue reading

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€460 billion worth guaranteed by an economy with €130 billion in domestic output

This is an essay by S Kinsella. It gives an idea of just how ludicrous the situation for the western economies.

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Not a bucket list.

A friend of mine went on a huge trip this past summer. A trip mostly by train from Vietnam through to London. Anyhow this was his and is his to write about, but it kinda got me thinking about where … Continue reading

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Status quo ante bellum

Life has returned to normal after the experiment adding a playmate for Jessy ended yesterday. The dislike from the previous few days degenerated into outright war.  Bella ended up with a damaged ear throwing off enough blood that it looked … Continue reading

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Smurf homes and evenings walk

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