When I worked as a landscape designer this would reflect what I did. Very close to my style.


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  1. Kelly says:

    Ahhh… I could sit and gaze at that scene forever. It’s beautiful and I bet it isn’t too warm or humid.

    I bet you had a good eye and did lovely work.

    • Vincent says:

      You really need a big garden to plant like that for to have impact it needs to be big. Plus once it’s over you have to rip out everything and replant.But it is lovely indeed while in flower.

  2. Kelly says:

    There was a time that I had beds and pots I planted and replanted seasonally (or at least each summer) with annuals. Now, other than my vegetables, I tend to think perennial. I don’t really enjoy gardening.

    And the last time we paid a nursery to come in and do anything for us, wild critters ate up a good portion of it! Then there are the dogs. I’ll never forget the time we looked out the window and saw Elly hunting lizards. At least we then knew why the bushes in the front beds looked that way. She, who weighs a good 60 or 70 pounds, would ambush them by leaping right into the middle of the plant.

    So do you have much of a garden around your home that you’re able to work with?

    • Vincent says:

      Ahhh no. There’s very little that’s Jess proof. I realised early on that having a good garden and her wasn’t a runner. I remember planting bulbs, and if ever you’ve don that you’ll know the zone you enter. After a bunch were in the ground I looked back to survey the work and saw my Jessy all delighted with herself and every bulb on the surface of the ground. I knew you didn’t have annuals, unless in a pot. 🙂

      • Kelly says:

        Oh my…and I’m sure she was so proud of herself!

        I have some tiny little beds that I use to fill with stuff like pansies in the fall and marigolds in the summer. Several years ago I found that vincas did well there. The nursery said they were annuals, but the funny thing is I still have them pop up each summer in a few spots (and do well!) despite the fact I plant tomatoes there now.

  3. Kimberly says:

    Oh just gorgeous! And you mean to tell me that once those are done blooming they won’t bloom again and will have to be taken out? Oh good heavens, that’s a lot of work.
    It’s a great story about Jess, although I’m sure maybe not at the time. I was also wondering about your own landscaping. Do you miss doing it or is it something that was a job and you didn’t even want to look at plants when you were home?
    Spoke too soon on the blog roll…14 hours ago! Really?!?!

    • Vincent says:

      Yes, once flowering is over they are gone. I’d say, given the size of it, you’d not be getting much change back from what it cost you for your car. But this is a community initiative so the labour is free and willing. We have a competition each year of the most lovely town and village that Kilsheelan has won a few times in it’s category. Kilsheelan is the place where Jessy goes running in the big river.
      That style is fake Cottage Garden. Fake because a real cottage would’ve had a mix of shrubs herbs roses and this stuff. The tend nowadays is away from that style for if you think you have to do the same for each season, not as costly granted, but not cheap either.

      I’m in the process of solving the WordPress issue. I watched your blog to judge the time it hit and it hadn’t up to my bet time ergo http://jackfrostpsi.blogspot.ie/

      • Kimberly says:

        Oh, it’s a community garden! That’s great. It’s really beautiful. And what fun to have it change often. It doesn’t seem so laborious under those circumstances. 🙂
        What a nice place to have a cup of coffee or read. Looks like it was a wonderful day weather-wise also. The colors are just incredible in photo.
        Checked out the new digs…is that where you’ll post now?

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