Needed to dump vast amounts of photos, 500 and counting

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6 Responses to Needed to dump vast amounts of photos, 500 and counting

  1. Kimberly says:

    I like them all! The flowers and (are they?) fox tails are pretty. That third one though is breathtaking. The view you’ve got from your mountain…wow!
    Are you dumping them from your camera or from the hard drive? Have you been out shooting a lot or just an accumulation?

    • Vincent says:

      No, it’s seed heads of a grass. I’m not sure of the name.
      The 3rd one is about half way up. When on the top I’m in that cloud you see, and well into it too. Maybe 500ft.
      Ah no, the dumping is from the blog. I only have 3gig for photos, and the new camera chomps through that in jig time.
      Heavens, I have a terra on the PC and I never though I’d come close to filling it ever. Now I’ve to go and get a few external harddrives or my PC will cease up. And this is with regular going back and editing the bejapers out of the files with the DEL key.

      • Kimberly says:

        Ah yes, I was sitting in the car waiting for the library to open when I wrote that comment. The larger picture on the laptop makes me see that I was mistaken. They’re not fuzzy. 🙂
        Shooting in RAW does steal a lot of space. I know my mom keeps only her current projects on the computer’s hard drive and the rest on external for that very reason. Anymore than that, using the computer becomes laborious.
        That’s a good point for pictures then, halfway up. It’s enough to get a lot of view, but not too high that you lose clarity. There is so much to look at in that photo.
        I noticed today your post showed up on my blog roll rather quickly rather than the 14-16 hours it’s taken lately. Maybe blogger has corrected itself.

        • Vincent says:

          It could be here too for I was up against the buffers and they kept asking me if I wanted a paid for site.
          It’s always hard to shoot a mountain. And I’ve found the telephoto lense is best, for you can reach out along the side. With you it should be easier for the upright plane is far more abrupt. But I see from google earth the mountains round about LA has the same problem. There’s a sort of climb to infinity.

  2. Kelly says:

    They’re all wonderful! It’s been too wet to mow here, so the top shot looks very familiar to me.

    I think my favorite is the last photo. Those little yellow flowers always have a “buttery” look to me and I really like how you composed the shot.

    • Vincent says:

      Yeppers, Buttercups.
      With the grass there just seemed to be the oddest play on colour and form. And thank you.

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