Just a bit crazy.

How crazy, on a spectrum is it, to get up at dawn to open the shed door to allow the swallows out. Last week I was late, 7:30am, and had the two birds sitting on a clothes line looking at me with what I can only call exasperation.

You know something, for all their wildness they have no issue flying about my head and scooting out the gap before the door is fully open. But even I think 5:15am is a bit early.

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5 Responses to Just a bit crazy.

  1. Kimberly says:

    I’m in complete agreement over the craziness of doing anything other than sleeping at 5:15. 7:30, while early, doesn’t seem quite so painful as 5:15. Maybe the birds need to be trained to sleep in – tomorrow 5:30, the next day 5:45, then 6:00 and so on until you and they have reached an agreeable yet reasonable wake up call. :).
    They’ve been their for awhile now, how much longer will their stay be?

    • Vincent says:

      The real giggle is I’m up sitting at the PC doing a bit when the dogs comes in and heads directly to the warm bed.

      They usually get in two clutches. There’s 5 eggs in the nest right now, but since the fly isn’t all that plentiful just yet I think they’re managing the hatching date. But they#’re here until late September or October, depending on food.

      • Kimberly says:

        I did not realize they were there until fall. That’s a good amount of time. No wonder they already sound like trained birds.
        And in response to your comment below…so cute about them having a hole to fly out of but waiting for the door. I know they’re not doing it to be “cute”, but even so it is. I wonder what the reason is behind that though. They probably just enjoy your presence. See, which is cute. 🙂

  2. Kelly says:

    And I thought we were crazy when it comes to catering to our dogs!

    That might not be so bad if you could crawl back in bed and go back to sleep. Otherwise, I like Kimberly’s idea of training them to sleep in by increments. 😉

    • Vincent says:

      There isn’t a day since she came that I’ve not awoken with a smile on my face. And it’s somewhat the same with the birds. You see I cut a hole in the wall so they can go in and out when I’m not there during the day. And they use it. But they don’t go out in the morning until I let them out through the door. They could use the hole like they do during the day, but they don’t.

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