Workshop results.

I didn’t know what to expect about the 1916 workshop and public consultation. I rang round the arts people plus a few others and still was as bemused as ever.
Ergo I went into some trouble to research what they did for the 50th. When in general the tended to put statues of guys in the uniform of the rebels. I sorta decided that this wasn’t a runner and thought the Proclamation itself in bronze might be a goer. We can nowadays slice bronze like butter and a gigantic so the lettering pierced through 10 inches of metal orientated to face the rising sun on the morn of 24 April 1916 might be apt, with smaller versions in all the towns and villages of the county. But the initial fund was €30,000.
Aaaaaany-woo. I’m not really that fond of municipal sculpture. I think it’s sad to see canons set on cement pointing blind, at nothing. And the martial, either on horseback or alone mit rifle/sword is just a traffic hazard, IMO.
So, I said the best bet for the money was something I saw on the telly from the USA. Why not have a re-enactment, at least as far as one could. People dressing up in the garb of the early 20th century and then having a darn good street party. Either in each and every village, or one massive one with food and fun fair and sports day for the kids.

They are to get back to us, so updates when they do. I’m not holding my wind quite frankly.

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  1. Kelly says:

    I think your idea is quite good! Maybe given some thought, they will, too.

    My SIL use to do re-enacting – in fact, I saw a photo of him in his “uniform” the other day.

    • Vincent says:

      Well, if they weren’t going to throw a bit of seed money at it I didn’t think there was a whole lot more than picking a day in July and have a outdoor party run by volunteers. And in truth if the community got behind it it may be even better than something imposed from ‘on high’. They’ll be more than enough of that.

  2. Kimberly says:

    The initial amount is for the entire country to celebrate?!?! I do like the idea of Proclamation, but shoot, as much as 30,000 is a lot of money for A PLACE to celebrate, it’s hardly anything for celebrating in many places. Your celebration sounds good and far more doable. Plus, it would allow anyone who wanted to be involved to be involved.
    I bet that it was kind of fun to be part of the think tank about it. Was it representatives from all the counties or maybe towns? Or was it for your immediate area?
    Keep us posted!!! πŸ™‚

    • Vincent says:

      Yeah, the entire county. Each county got the same regardless. You’d chew through that in phone calls. I’ve a feeling this is designed to keep costs down and that once a good idea takes off.
      I’ve a bit of an issue though. The political parties in government weren’t connected, except at the very periphery back then. The opposition has very direct linkage. But they have a major image issue.

      I think it’s time we took control and not have those who’d steal the fun run things to suit themselves. Things can get hijacked here very easily and something that had community involvement at it’s core be beaten, twisted and moulded into something unrecognisable, and usually pointlessly ugly.

      Oddly no. There was about 60 at it. Divided into 6 tables with a note-taker/facilitator. And there was another such meeting at the top of the county.

      • Kimberly says:

        Ugh, 60 people?!?! That’s a lot of people to come to any kind of decision. While it is important to have various views and ideas, getting a large group like that to agree on the time of day, let alone planning anything, is next to impossible.
        I’ll have to write more after work. πŸ™‚

        • Kimberly says:

          Interesting the politics of it. What is the reason the opposition party would be out of favor for this – current issues or past? I would think in this particular scenario their connection to 1916, to this anniversary would put them in a positive light. It seems that these events often bring about a coming together in national pride. That’s what I would have expected to take place in this instance. What is causing that to not be the case?

          • Vincent says:

            The opposition has a way more direct connection to 1916. And have been the party of government for 80% of the years since because of it. But they were the government during to recent insanity when the fools allowed the light touch regulation in a really twisted from of Reganism. So aren’t anywhere near as big an they were.
            Whichever party or organisation controls this will get a 30 year bounce, politically.

  3. Sage says:

    Those reenactments can get a little silly, in my opinion. The American Civil War was so brutal with more lives lost than all the rest of the wars and we glorify it. We also have plenty of statues and many use to stand in middle of streets, in the south they honored “Johnny Reb” and up north it was “Billy Yank.” Most of these were put on display in the first half of the 20th century, but as cars become more frequent, many were moved out of intersections and onto the lawns of courthouses or in parks.

    • Vincent says:

      I wasn’t thinking of the pitched battles your re-en-actors do mostly because the whole action was in Dublin. No, I was thinking more of the garb of the era.
      Not being able to come up with anything to pull 200,000 people under one umbrella where money was non-existent without theme-ing it somehow. Yes, if there was a budget a music festival would work. But here, I’ve a feeling this is expected to operate on a shoestring and goodwill, mostly goodwill.

      Yes, I agree about the statues. They are truly pointless and little more than a target for birds.

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