A few bits of news.

Ireland voted for marriage equality 60 plus % Yes. People wonder how such a Catholic country could so ignore the controlling churchmen. Well the reason is we were always more a Christian place than an ultra controlled Spanish style militaristic one.

Many know I’ve researched gas BBQ’s these last few years. Now I’ve viewed and lusted after contraptions that could feed a multitude, and looks more complex that a ships bridge. But sanity took over. I now have a dual burner 20 x 13 and a bit incher. It will fit 10 big steaks, more than enough to do me. I’ve BBQed a spatchcocked chicken that took and hour on low with one burner. It was OK, nothing to write home about really. But I did a bit of Rump steak (sirloin in US money) that was sublime. Cooked to a turn, cut-able with a spoon and just a joy.

How does one live most of ones life and not be that bothered with being bitten by flies, mozzies and assorted pests to suddenly become a sore blotchy target. I have tea tree & manuka oil for the after bite, and I have the citronella wrist band. It only seems to encourage them. Kimberley mentioned lemons on the bites, didn’t have them, but did have limes and they take the irritation for a good few hours. But what’s reeeeeeeEEEly annoying is I wear hats. I took to them a few years ago when I realised the light travels down the lense of my glasses when I put the camera to my eye. I did have baseball caps, but the peak on them is too hard and I end up reversing them which defeats the idea. Any-hoos, the brim of the hat acts as a visor. BUT, both my hats have vent holes. 4 little holes surrounded by those brass snaps like you see on high-end jeans. those holes are doors for biting scum to get at my head. B%^*&$(*.

Oscar Romero created Blessed by Pope Francis. He was shot dead by a sniper as he celebrated Mass in a hospital chapel on 24 March 1980.  There are many cultural Catholics that removed themselves from direct church attendance after his assassination. And not because of the killing, but due to Rome’s reaction and John-Paul 2 who was seen to swing in behind the killers.

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  1. Sage says:

    Lots of stuff have been happening–I am wondering what the church’s reaction will be. In Ireland, is marriage separated from the church (ie, are you married when you obtain your license and then, if you like, have a Christian wedding)? That separation, which doesn’t exist in the USA, has a lot to offer, in my opinion.

    • Vincent says:

      The issue here in Ireland dates back to when the Official Church was the Anglican Church. They HAD to marry anyone that presented themselves and passed the impediments be they CoI, Presbyterian or Catholic. None of the others HAD to perform the necessary. But once dis-establishment removed the connection between the then Kingdom of Ireland and the State created a problem in this area so instead of having a civil ceremony (too like republican France) in the town hall and a religious one in the church/chapel/kirk they in effect established 3/4/5 churches.
      Up to a few years ago there was only I think three places for a civil wedding in the State.

      Oh, the Catholic churchmen were far from the only ones to have issues. I must tell you about the Burt and Ernie cake case http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/gay-marriage-bert-and-ernie-cake-row-to-hear-ruling-of-judge-in-northern-ireland-10259865.html
      But the churches are doing everything they can to hold back a tide. And instead of actively getting ahead of it and managing it they are acting as a drogue(they, the extreme right wing believe), that’s being chopped off. Many, happy in a righteous feeling of correctness are willing to watch their respective churches self destruct.

  2. Kimberly says:

    I’m glad the lime worked, for a time anyhow. I wonder if it’s the “strain” of Mosquitos this year that are bothering you? I don’t even know if there exist such a thing, but I find that when I’m in areas where they are notorious for I either get eaten alive or have no bites whatsoever. Or maybe it’s something you’ve started eating or drinking that is making you more tasty than in the past? You’ve got to be careful with those too, I have two colleagues who have contracted Lyme disease in the last couple of years due to, what they think, mosquito bites.
    Congrats on the new bbq! It sounds like you are already enjoying having a gas burning one that is a bit larger. Since I got mine a couple of years ago I’ve been searching for a really good scrub brush to clean it with after each grilling and have come up short with the ones I have bought. Until this one… http://www.amazon.com/Grill-Brush-18-Stainless-Guarantee/dp/B00C9Q04BS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1432488508&sr=8-1&keywords=bbq+brush
    Holy cow! It is great! I’d highly recommend this type of brush. Never heard of the spatchcock chicken before until just now. Looks like a good way to roast it. Will you try it again and adjust your technique any?
    Interesting the link with this Oscar Romero and Ireland.

    • Vincent says:

      I don’t even know for certain they are Mosquitoes. Any time I’ve encountered the little sods in the past they have that high pitched sound but these guys are silent. Yeah that Lymes is a bastard if let go.

      I can remove all the bits from the BBQ and they will rotate in the sink to wash. It’s the bottom of it that worries me a bit. I don’t want burn’t bits sitting during the summer. It cam with this pot thing that I couldn’t figure what it was. Well, the aforementioned bottom/floor of the bbq has a fall to a couple of little holes. Now the pot thing has a hook that hangs from the holed in the floor and the fat drops into the little pot. So darn simple, but so utterly unusual for anything made in the UK or Ireland. This was made in Holland from a German design.
      And I’ll see about the brush. Looks useful.

      Spatchcock was new to me too, until a few weeks ago. It works though. Except my spoilt little brat won’t eat the back unless it’s fricking cooked.
      To be fully honest, I don’t really cook that many whole chickens. I don’t really like giving Jessy the bones. It does the breast of chicken quite well too. Not as good as the beef.

      What occurred with Romero both here and in the States was utterly shocking. It was one of the main reasons why committed religious (nuns and the like) left their orders. Why for many Irish Catholics in the US they moved away from the Democrats to the Republicans for that election, and most never returned.

      • Kimberly says:

        I’m with Jess! Preferring cooked chicken to not cooked. 🙂 Chicken bones also splinter easier than cattle or pork bones so can cause digestive issues if swallowed.
        I’m not quite sure I understand how Romero’s assassination moved Catholics to the right. His work with the poor and oppressed seems in direct contrast to who the right works with/for.

        • Vincent says:

          It wasn’t Romero that cause the shift but Carter. By that point it seemed everything he put his hands on turned to ash.
          By that point the sheer number of US nuns and religious in South America was prodigious. And then you had the other churches, all with some sort of outreach. And all getting first hand reports of the going’s on of the ruling families. Even today, and with all our information via the internet, we haven’t one tenth of the real data that came to the smallest village in the US Ireland Germany and the UK back then. I knew about Mindanao and Luzon better than Belfast.

  3. Kelly says:

    Isn’t it great when you get a piece of steak cooked that tenderly?! I’d be careful giving Jess bones. I’ve always heard they shouldn’t have chicken bones. When I questioned why (considering dogs will kill and eat them in the wild), I was told something about cooking the chicken causes the bones to change where it’s dangerous for their digestive tracts – makes them more brittle or some such.

    I’ve always been one to get bitten and I find those little black gnats or midges to be the worst! I’ve also been told the mosquitos you hear aren’t the ones that bite. Seems like it’s West Nile Virus folks worry about around here. The Lyme for us comes more from the ticks (of which I’ve had four bites recently – ugh!). Our home remedy for bites (to stop itching, especially) is a dab of Pine Sol cleaners. If you really get into something like chiggers, you can put some in your bathwater to ease the itch. The deer flies and horse flies have been bad lately, too… for the dogs and cows as much as us.

    • Vincent says:

      Yes, with the chickens it has to do with the food stuffs used to feed them.

      Yep, ticks too here. I reacted badly to a horsefly bite a few years ago and they can carry Lyme’s too. But i don’t think I’ve got that. It just seems all the crap I went through as a kid is coming back.

  4. Ed says:

    I watched the vote results getting broadcast on our news and I wondered how you voted since you are the only Irishman I know.

    I love charcoal but have switched to gas well over a dozen years ago because I felt the marginal loss in taste with gas was way overshadowed by the ease of grilling something fast. Here people pay great sums of money for strip steaks and other fancy cuts but the one I prefer even if I had all the money in the world is the cheap old ribeye steak on the grill. During the summer we eat those about once a week.

    I had a gas grill before this one with the little can underneath and it never caught enough fat or bits for me to empty in the ten years I owned that grill. It pretty much just collects below the burners and burns off with time. To keep the grilling surface clean, I’ve found that if you get the burner scorching hot for five minutes or so and then clean it off with a stiff wire brush, it does well. After I scrape and before I grill, I always dip a wad of paper towels into some vegetable oil and wipe down all the grate which prevents stuff from sticking and makes cleaning it before using it the next time even easier.

    Fortunately for me, our area doesn’t have too much problems with biting insects except for at night and perhaps a couple weeks in the spring which is happening right now. I just pretty much stay inside of if I go outside, keep moving at a fast clip. If I do go outside when they are biting, I use a Deet product which keeps the insects at bay but who knows what it does to my health. I just hope that limiting myself to a few days a years of using deet that it doesn’t affect me.

    • Vincent says:

      I’m was for it for I do not see how my or anyone’s religious position should be imposed upon others. I live in a democratic republic which means all the citizens are equal. And as long as they aren’t acting against a reasonable law I or they shouldn’t have any input on their lives. But what occurred with the churches is they pissed away capital fighting a pointless equality question and will leave themselves unheard when there’s an attempt to repeal the abortion sections of the constitution.

      I’m having difficulty figuring out where to place the BBQ for the wind. It seems I placed it perfectly the first few days but since it’s not quite correct.

      I’ll check out the deet tomorrow.

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