Something new.


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  1. Kelly says:

    What is the flower? How big is the tree it’s wrapped around? I’m having trouble determining the size from the perspective.

    It’s quite beautiful.

    • Vincent says:

      It’s the Mayflower. It’s about the size of your little fingernail, maybe a bit smaller.

  2. Kimberly says:

    It’s just lovely. Looks like there should faeries and elves peeking around the tree. The is dreamlike.
    I too am curious about the kind of tree. The flowers are so delicate and look to be almost transparent.

    • Vincent says:

      More than you’d think about the faeries. One of the tools in the new camera is a double exposure. Getting that shot has taken me maybe 20 hours, and I’m still not fully sure how. But that’s the only one that worked out of perhaps 2000. 🙂 Nutter eh.

      • Kimberly says:

        The linked article is fascinating. I guess for their time, you could see where people might want to believe they were real. A pretty elaborate hoax for two little girls. Looking at them now makes me think they are proof that people will believe anything. 🙂
        On the photo, is the double exposure the foreground and then the background? Or are the flowers too?
        2,000 huh? That is a lot. The digital camera capabilities are both a blessing and a curse.
        I’ve never done the double exposure. Is it something that happens while photographing (using the feature) or is it done in the editing software?

        • Vincent says:

          Any of them that has the ability to multiple expose will do. In fact it’s clearer for you because it’s so bright. The basics are relatively easy. Say you are up a mountain with someone and put them in the frame but expose for the city behind them. They will be dark. Then, say you shoot coffee beans or stones, but this time exposing for the coffee. The camera will merge the two. So you’d have the skyline of LA with a silhouette of a valley chick in coffee bean. Now that’s a bit heavyhanded but you could try for delicacy. And I know that shot of mine is lacy and girly, but I seeing if I can sorta watercolour them.
          In that one, the flowers are one shot with a very shallow depth of field, about 3 inches and that darkened out everything but the flowers. And I took the tree 2nd.

          After both wars there was shortage of food but ih those that wouldn’t usually feel a lack. Lack of Vitamins, mostly B’s will send one a bit doolally.

  3. Sage says:

    Very beautiful. Spring is in the air (or does the flower hang on for summer?).s

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