Photo’s from the last day’s of Spring.

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12 Responses to Photo’s from the last day’s of Spring.

  1. Kelly says:

    It looks like all the comments were positive this go round. Good job!

    I love the flower. Was Jess with you when you took it? I can’t help but imagine you on your belly, steadying your hand for the perfect shot, only to have her decide to “help” at just the wrong moment. 😉

    • Vincent says:

      Yes the flower is quite rare,%20Pyramidal

      On the comments. I’m glad for some for they have the book beside their own one and since the tour is guided it would take a strong personality to write on mine, or twice. It’s kinda ticking me off a bit though.

      • Kelly says:

        They should at least provide you with a photocopy of anything written about your exhibit on their book. Actually, it would be nice if, on the tour, they encouraged folks to leave a comment in your book.

      • Kelly says:

        On the flower… You’re seeing it early, then, just now being May? It’s lovely.

        • Vincent says:

          I think a lot of their statistical data is really thin. The only true study would be near the universities. Plus, they would be fearful if they did find something they might have to do something about it.

  2. Kimberly says:

    So you did end up with some comments. It’s nice to have them be all positive. The first one says it all, I think. 🙂 Will this be the last week?
    What is the building in the middle? I thought maybe it was where your photos are, but after going back and checking it’s different, right? The light you caught it in is beautiful.
    Very interesting on the flower. I would never have guessed it from the orchid family. It’s such a pretty color. Has it been warmer/sunnier this spring to have it blooming already? I would like to mention that spring still has another month and a half, and I do not wish for summer to get here any sooner than it has to. We are already dealing with summer weather so it’s frightening to think what the temps will be when it is actually summer…so no rushing it! 😉

    • Vincent says:

      The building at the end is the West Gate, Clonmel. It’s a replica from the early 1800 of the old medieval gate.
      Yeah, I was a bit surprised myself that it was an orchid. I looked at the bloomlet and did a bit of a double-take a few years ago. Orchids are very unique and once you know the shape of the flower you’ll pick out an orchid pretty easily, especially the wild ones.
      A few years ago I had a doctor that told me he was allergic to orchid pollen. Check out a vid about pollinating orchid on the Youtube and you’ll see just how stupid that statement was. Orchid pollen is gigantic when put beside ‘a-n-y’ other pollen variety. I’ve pollinated them BITD with a tooth pick.

      Hmm, I’m glad I have some comment. Like I said before, I’m looking at them being in there as a good. It’s also shown up a gap in my process. I need to find out how to generate fuss about a exhibition. I know I’ve missed a lot of tricks. I did push with all my new connections and the old ones too. But there’s more. Plus my marketing has been focused differently and I must change that as well.

      • Kimberly says:

        I’m sorry, I meant the building just under the orchid. I think you have mentioned the gate in previous posts.
        Yes, the marketing piece is a bit of a challenge for new artists. Plus I think marketing yourself is very difficult. You have a to be a salesman for yourself. It takes a lot of confidence to put it out there. I would imagine the association you have joined could help you with that.

        • Vincent says:

          I’ll get back to you tomorrow on that building. Recently it was a hotel. It also had a nightclub of sorts. And was a place for newly wed to have their reception.

          Yep I’m going to a seminar in June for just that. And with them too.

  3. Sage says:

    I don’t get the last day of spring comment, but do like the flower shot and street scene.

    • Vincent says:

      Spring is February, March and April. Summer being May, June and July. And so on.

      And thank you.

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