Exhibition open in Main Guard.

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  1. Kelly says:

    I like the two different sizes this time. The frames look good, too. Is there a reason that one on the end wall isn’t framed? Will this place provide you any feedback (like the book folks could sign at the library)?

    • Vincent says:

      Yes, I put a Visitor slash Comment book. This time I laminated a sheet with just that on it. Last time I stapled it to the cover of the book. But of course once the book was open no body knew what it was.
      The one at the end is a canvas from last year. I put it in for a filler, I doubt any will notice.
      I went with two sizes to break the line. If they were all the same size in that space I think it would’ve looked silly. They are comma’s or colons. They’ll kinda stop the scan and maybe allow people to go back.

  2. Kimberly says:

    They look great! I’m glad you got to use the wrapped canvas again. The different sizes definitely add a design element, and I like the photos you’ve chosen. It’s a nice display. How long will this one be up? Other than possible weddings, what else will go on in that room? Will it get regular foot traffic? I just love the space. It’s very warm and inviting.
    On another noted. Our local mountain lion is back at it again. Not sure if you’ve seen anything about it there. He moved into Los Feliz for a few days. It’s been a fun story and thankfully has ended well.

    • Vincent says:

      May 8th. I expect the wedding will want to dress the room.

      I think there’s traffic alright, how much is another matter. A lot will be tourists, but that’s no bad thing either.
      I hung them higher than at the library, not by much but enough to shove the viewer back a bit further. You see I thought kids and teens were more likely to see them at the library.

      They get displays from the OPW and National collections regularly so I think getting in is a bit of a coup.

      I did see the thing about the lion. I thought WTF are they allowing the media to harass the poor thing. They’ll drive it insane and the next thing will be decision taken to destroy it when instead they have a city Logo and marketing theme. FFS, a wild animal has decided to live inside a city. They should fence it so ‘people’ are kept away not the other way round.

      • Kimberly says:

        Well, that IS quite an honor to be in there then. Congratulations. You could get some interest for purchase from those tourists. My mom sells far more photos to tourists who are looking to bring a bit of Hawaii back home with them than to the locals who see it every day. Is that something you’d be willing to do from this collection?
        I was also most concerned with the circus that surrounded it and worried it would end badly. It was a sigh of relief to see that he’s moved on. Imagine being the plumber who came face to face with it in that crawl space.

        • Vincent says:

          I can’t actively sell. The only thing I might be able to do is print off 20 or so and put a request for a donation to a charity, breast cancer- prostrate something or other.

          HA, and then it just decided to say ‘a pfist to you and your shotgun bean bags. I crossed 16 lanes of highway to get here, fool’. You could kinda see him rotating a paw and unsheathing a middle claw.

  3. Ed says:

    Looks great. Do you have a name for your exhibit?

    • Vincent says:

      Thank you.
      I called it Emigrant Memories. I added some more to this one so I changed the name slightly.

  4. Kimberly says:

    How is the exhibition going?

    • Vincent says:

      The OPW are pleased enough but I’m not getting any feedback on my guest book. Mostly I suspect because the guides are pushing people to the book for the building.
      I think I have to simply view it as a milestone, a one man expo’ in a fairly important space.

      • Kimberly says:

        That can be something of a disappointment – wanting a response is human nature. But taking it as another chance at experience and getting your name out there is a good way to see it. Another chance to share your work can really only be a positive thing. And the space is so nice. You still have a couple of weeks. Maybe some comments will begin to trickle in.

        • Vincent says:

          Hmmm, that’s my thinking too. If I get too darn precious I’ll only get into a snit. But I am aware that they aren’t responding correctly either. I don’t really think they are set up for live artists at all. I believe I came along and fitted in since they had nothing else. But in truth who cares. I have a one man expo’ in a valid gallery that people know. A notch on the CV as it were.

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