They were painting a wall on Tuesday so I couldn’t put them all what I wanted them. So I was able to put them where I wanted today.


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9 Responses to Exhibits

  1. Kelly says:

    It looks like you’ve already gotten some nice comments.

    I like seeing a broader view of the venue. For some reason I was surprised to see the window. I don’t guess I expected any natural light in the room.

    • Vincent says:

      The lean-to build of the thing makes the space look far smaller that it is in realty. And yep, some nice ones, but one I can’t read/decipher at all.

  2. Kimberly says:

    The color change on the walls really opens up the space doesn’t it?!?! It looks like a huge room compared to last time. I like your display, and I completely agree about the sunsets. 😉
    It’s probably fun for visitors to the library to see art that is from the area; to recognize the subjects in your photos.

    • Vincent says:

      The white paint ?. Or that the blinds are open on the window. The latter is just the conflict of light temperatures with the camera set to Auto in RAW files I can change that at will. Jpeg would be a very different matter. Because the camera is doing the processing it dumps gigantic amounts of data for the jpeg file. So you cannot change the temperature of the light much.
      That’s actually you’d want to watch yourself if you were shooting into more than one light source. Say a window, a lamp and a florescent will end you up with some darn odd colours. That’s how they measure stars btw. Like in the 3 light scenario above, you will see only white light but a camera will pick up the predominant colour.

      • Kimberly says:

        I meant the color on the walls going from the dark brick red to the white. In your pictures last time (last year-ish?) the room seemed smaller with the darker color. It seems open and looks like a larger room now. That could be due to your angle looking in, but I think darker colors tend to make a room close in on itself.

        • Vincent says:

          Exactly a year, in fact. But yes the red did bring the room in, but it had that odd effect that red has of envelopment too.
          It’s truly surprising the pop of the Poppies on that photo 4th from the bottom 2nd photo. I put it opposite the door opening. I was hoping the colour would pull people in, and it seems to.
          On the size, I’d say it’s 100ft long and 30 wide.

  3. Ed says:

    Looks like a nice display and judging by the amount of pictures hanging up, you’ve definitely been busy getting ready.

    • Vincent says:

      Yep, very busy. You get into a process and by the last one you know you could do the same amount in half the time. Except that is the cutting of the gray card. Next time I think I’ll get that done. I didn’t over cut any of them for a marked the corners with as awl but I was ever fearful of a slip cutting beyond the boundary.

  4. Sage says:

    You have some nice comments from admirers–it looks to be a good space for showing photos and it is nice to have a library as a part of it–the photos make a good reading room where you can look up and ponder things from new perspectives.

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