All set.

I have 15 pictures ready for exhibit at the library. I divided them into Winter, Sunsets, Abstract and general landscape. There was hope that I could get them in for today but it seems the changeover day is the Monday, which I suppose makes a sort of sense as then there are two uninterrupted days when the majority are going through the building.
I made the frames for I wanted a simple if accurate design. Photographs, especially of landscapes require channeling not containment. They came together relatively quickly once cut with the miter saw, then three coats of water based white paint then one of oil gloss. I could probably have foregone the gloss but I think it puts that little something like when one rubs the tips of ones fingers with a thumb. A feel, if you get what I mean.
I went with a gray insert, it was going to be white but I saw the gray and knew that was the trick.
I think I’ll title it generally as Emigration. There is a rather stark emptiness about them. Hopefully the title isn’t to heavy-handed

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7 Responses to All set.

  1. Kelly says:

    Your description has me anxious to see the end result. What size photos and frames did you decide on?

    I hope you’ll share some views of the layout once you’re set up. Hope it goes well!

    • Vincent says:

      I’m kinda anxious to see them up myself. Plus I’m a bit POed that I have to wait until Monday. I was told it was today, then that it mightn’t be, so I really didn’t know until this morning.
      But it’ll give me time to write something and laminated it.

  2. Kimberly says:

    I’m glad it seems to have come together nicely for you. Looking forward to the pictures of your presentation and to see which shots you chose. Good luck tomorrow!
    And now that you have a miter saw you can do all sorts of home improvements like chair rails and crown molding! 😉

    • Vincent says:

      Tomorrow ?. And thank you. I think it’ll go OK. Hopefully I’ve gone a bit edgy too.

      Crown molding my eye. I tried to put that crap up once down in France. It-did-not-go-well -at-all.

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