Mid-winter’s sunrise.

This video, made at 8:40 this morning. We haven’t had a good view of the disc of the sun in a few year now. I took still’s as well but I thought as I’ve good video capability I might as well use it once in a while. Albeit, my wielding of the thing leaves a lot to be desired.
Anywoo’s, it was quite dark and very windy, but still you see what we get many morning with the gold piercing the dark blackness.



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  1. Kimberly says:

    Assuming you climbed the mountain for this…what time do you have to start climbing in the morning to get these sunrise shots?
    Nice and clear video though isn’t it. Is the changing of the light being done by you while you are filming or automatically by the camera?

    • Vincent says:

      (chuckle) you asked me the one question that I actually know about viz the making of video. Your one will do this too. Actually your one will do it fully 50% better.
      Yes the changing is being done by me, that’s why it goes up instead of down at one point. I’m changing it with the shutter speed wheel. I have no control of aperture when in live view, and so I’ve no control when I video. The problem is you simply cannot handhold it AND keep a steady shooting platform since you are holding it away from your face.
      I was up for 6:00am. Even though it’s pitch black at that hour if it’s a clear sky I can see the mountain for it blots out the stars behind it. This morning I couldn’t, so I knew I didn’t need to be very high on the mountain to see the sunrise. Higher you see was in a cloud. I’l try to add a shot to explain.
      Anyway, I was just below the level of the cloud in the photo. And how long I’m not really sure. An hour, ishy.

      Oh, it’s what time, you asked. I started up before 8:00am. The underfoot is visible enough not to need a flashlamp. And from first light to sun disc over the horizon is about an hour. Again ishy.

      • Kimberly says:

        Video is a whole different beast. It’s not something I know anything about, other than watching them. 🙂
        I like the view from up there. The patchwork of green you all are known for is so pretty.
        I do look forward to getting mine out when I arrive late tonight. It’s been a long while since I’ve used it.

        • V.H says:

          Yes, a very different beast. But I think like with most things once you have a chink of knowledge it becomes a self-propelled. I’m certain though a good tripod is an absolute.

          It oddly hard to photo the mountain.

          Withe your mom there there’s little need for me to give you tips. But in daylight set the aperture to f;8, ISO to 100 and use the shutter speed to get you exposure. Those numbers should work in most circumstances.

          • Kimberly says:

            I had planned on trying those settings there. Oh well, next time!
            It’s Christmas Day there now? Merry merry! I hope you are having a great day! 🙂

            • Vincent says:

              Yep, I’m up and have put a Turkey breast in the oven. I brined it in salt and herbs and a it of spice. It might be horrible, but since the Turkey is pretty boring I don’t think it matters.

              More important news. Jessy has a wound. I thought it was a bastard Lab mix, now I’m not so certain. It’s a slice in under the skin about the size of one of your Dime’s. And you cannot get a bloody vet for love or money. But it may be OK.

              • Kimberly says:

                Oh poor baby. Do you think the lab bit her or is it just from playing around? I hope she is better today.
                Ya know, I’ve heard tons about brining the turkey over the last couple of months. It’s the thing to do these days. How was it?

                • Vincent says:

                  No, there was no play involved. It was an outright attack.

                  I’m not all that gone on turkey, ever. It’s just this year I’d not had the energy to be that bothered. And it was edible, but even with the salt and spice wasn’t inspired.

  2. Kelly says:

    This was a fun surprise…I enjoyed the video. And yes, I could certainly hear the wind!

    I think we need more video in the future and you should enlist Jess to help you. 😉

    • V.H says:

      Not unless I can find a way to slim it down. That 50 sec’s took over an hour to upload. 🙂
      But quite honestly while doing one of the shorts I spotted Jessy hunting and thought ‘you’ll be handy as a Star of future videos’.
      I’m showing off the camera more than my ability with it.

  3. Ed says:

    Most of my videos I run through a simple (and free with my computer anyway) video editor like Microsoft Movie Maker. They allow me to take out the shakes and in a case like this where you weren’t talking, eliminate the wind noise. Another huge benefit is that it allows me to compress it for adequate viewing here on the internet without extended upload times.

    • V.H says:

      I’ve yet to work out which video editor to use. I think I’m also recording in RAW format too, which is a bit pointless since I’m not going to be doing all that much to it.

  4. Sage says:

    Beautiful morning… Merry Christmas!

    • V.H says:

      Thank you, and Happy Christmas to you too.
      Yes. It was beautiful, but I doubt many would’ve thought so.

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