Sun scatter, or sun rays.


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5 Responses to Sun scatter, or sun rays.

  1. Kelly says:

    I think this might be one of your best photos yet. I’m a sucker for sunbeams and you captured these beautifully!

  2. Kimberly says:

    Yep! I agree, it’s stunning. Magical even. Was this taken with the new lens?

  3. V.H says:

    Kelly and Kimberly;
    It was a truly dark morning when I started up the mountain. So I wasn’t really expecting to get any photos at all.
    I happened to glimpse the light out of the side of my glasses and turned to see the scatter of light coming from a rent in the dark cloud. I wondered if the camera would grip any detail at all since there was a serious difference between the bright to dark. I knew I’d get the green or some of it anyway. But I’m quite surprised at the sharpness of the trees seen if you open the file. While the real shock is the amount of detail you can see through the rays and to the edges of the frame.

  4. connectdd says:

    Magical. Awesome. Thanks!

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