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Cool Winter.


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Jessy. Wounds. CSI. And whatnot’s.

The evening of 23rd I noticed Jessy was focusing on her hind leg a bit more than what an itch would justify. On examination I discovered a wound about an inch wide shaped somewhat like an ellipse, basically the size … Continue reading

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Mid-winter’s sunrise.

This video, madeĀ at 8:40 this morning. We haven’t had a good view of the disc of the sun in a few year now. I took still’s as well but I thought as I’ve good video capability I might as well … Continue reading

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Eye of the beholder

Delinquent teen brother and sister from broken home destroy a neighbours beautiful home, kills her and steals her property. Or Hansel and Gretel.

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A moan.

Having discovered Late Night Talk Shows for the US on YouTube they are all being reshuffled. Full shows !. My tuppensworth: Craig Ferguson. I get his humor not so much because he’s a Scot but because he comes from a … Continue reading

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Students of History

History is an incredibly difficult subject to master. You begin about 7 years old with what are the establishment facts about your State. (And these are the foundation to the tissue of lies that you might never overcome.) In the … Continue reading

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Sun scatter, or sun rays.

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