Illness, of a kind.

I get this attack akin to the seizing of the tendons of one foot every so often. I’ve kinda narrowed it down to sugar of some sort. I’m getting little help from the doctors who seen to believe it’s due to lack of exercise and just won’t hear that I’m about as fit in the lower body as one could be without going to the bother of joining a corp of rangers. I don’t smoke nor do I drink alcohol, I eat very little by way of carbs and really don’t go overboard on very much at all. Except perhaps hazelnuts, I like them. So all in all I’m just P.Oed big time. I know I have and had profound and un-diagnosed allergies to milk. So much so that whey mixed into flour for everyday bread will create a heavy mucus in my chest that’ll make it darn near impossible to breathe.
I know it’s indeed rare that one has just the single allergy. You get a good handful of them for there’s a knock-on usually where one has malabsorption of vitamins caused by gut inflammation and where you cannot absorb one without having first having absorbed others.
Anyhoo’s I was unable to extend my foot for a few days over the weekend and I was very afraid that the tendon would rip if I did very much at all. Luckily it was my left leg which allowed me to drive since the foot controls even with a gear stick the right one is the one used.
The upshot of this was any photography was done where I could get on a crutch or via the car. And I really wanted to put my new one to its paces. All while getting used to the new buttons wheels and drives.
There’s a very good possibility I’ll be leaving WordPress since I’ve hit the limit of photo uploads. I’m looking at Wix, but it seems a bit of a pain quite frankly. I may of course be doing it wrong. Then I may move back to Blogger, but that prospect fills me with a sour taste.

The following shots are with the D7000, two at night as is fairly plain. But the one with the castle is in really really low light albeit for it being day. I find it truly amazing what it will retain in its sensor. And the last was an hour after dawn which was drawing out the yellow in the greens.

DSC_0277 DSC_0255 DSC_0300 DSC_0079

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4 Responses to Illness, of a kind.

  1. Kelly says:

    So is it like having a foot cramp? Supposedly vitamin deficiencies can cause that…like a need for potassium. And you don’t use both feet driving a stick? It’s been awhile since I’ve driven one, but I always used the left foot for the clutch.

    It’s an interesting selection of photos and you did well capturing the night sky. I especially like the castle shot, though. Lovely how you have it framed.

    Hmmm…I’ve never even considered the photo capacity here at WP. I’ll have to look next time I upload something.

    • V.H says:

      No, this is like the all the tendons around the heel getting shorter and pulling all the bones together. It’s truly painful to apply any pressure suddenly but you can press the clutch as it’s directly away from you.

      Than you on the photos. I took the castle one this morning in Kilkenny. But the night sky was almost absent of noise at 800 ISO. And hmm, I’ll have to think about WP.

  2. Kimberly says:

    It’s got to be frustrating to not get any answers from the doctor. You start to hear that happening more and more…pain that can’t be explained by the doctor. You could be onto something with the allergies. Maybe that’s the cause of this epidemic of pain that people are having that is unexplained by the the medical community. I am glad for you that it’s not chronic and that you have some semblance of control over it based on your diet. But with sugars being in just about everything anymore, your choices can be limited. Hazelnuts are REALLY good for you though, so going overboard might be ok. 🙂 You may already do this, but have you tried stretching before and after your walks, especially the trek of the mountain? It could help, even just help alleviate some of the pain.
    I have heard of other bloggers running out of space on WP and they’ve just started a new/2nd blog as a continuation. The size of your photos probably has something to do with it, huh? I agree, the castle is very pretty and the road is lovely. Is the first one a shot of the stars? It’s kind of hard to get my bearings on that one with the tree branches on the left.

    • V.H says:

      It’s not so much answers as their galling assumption that having heard the first two symptoms are it. It’s like them handing you claritin or ventolin without one notion of the source cause.
      You have to wonder if smoking was mitigating something, perhaps wheat and potatoes.
      In the past it was very well known the ill effects of many foods. Wheat from north Africa during the Roman empire was made into bread but was always eaten with red wine. One balanced the other.
      But as far as food is concerned you’d wonder if taking the main aspects of Kosher might be the way to go. But in large part I’m not all that far away. I cook from basic and mostly I know what I’m putting into a meal, exactly.
      Yes, the first one is of the stars. I’ll have to try for better on some really clear night. Here I was testing the limits of the sensor with dark areas where noise would really show.
      I’ll have to see about WP Mk2.

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