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Well that’s that done.

I’ve just completed two on-line courses. One was about Hadrian Wall, the other about Terrorism and Counter-terrorism. The Wall, and the Roman limes generally hold something of a fascination for me. The thing existed as a huge liner city for … Continue reading

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Longmire is a most unusual TV cop show. It’s filmed in a quasi reporter style with hints of John Ford, but not at the same time. Every so often you glimpse a beautiful mountain landscape that most associate with Wyoming … Continue reading

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It’s the small things.

The sheer pleasure I got from buying almost dead plants from the local supermarkets and nursing them back to life is enormous. But when I saw olive trees in Ireland brought by one of the German discount shops –┬ákinda small … Continue reading

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Driving into the skid.

If, for the next few months light conditions aren’t kind to my usual methods I think I’d better get used to rigging the camera in the car and shoot out of the window. What I really need is a high … Continue reading

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Qundaries, 1st world style.

I’ve hit that point with my camera where the limitations are getting to me big time. So I’m asking myself where to go from here. Up to now I’ve been almost exclusively a landscape photographer where people are strays and … Continue reading

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10,007th photo on the camera.

Most cameras little more than two years old would have vastly more shutter actions than 10k, most would be up near 100k. But because my photos are landscapes for the most part there isn’t the need to machine gun the … Continue reading

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