When I was younger.

When I was younger I knew precisely what to think about the death of Robin Williams. It was a sin. He killed himself. End of, as the say in England. Now, I’m far far less judgmental and take a live and let live stance with the proviso that actions aren’t impinging negatively upon others.
Robin Williams is one of the reasons I went to college when I was an adult. His film Dead Poets Society coalesced thoughts of mine regarding the flawed nature of education in Ireland in general and my trip through it in particular.
How shocked was I when reading Greek and Roman poetry on finding the traditional poetry we have in English is lifted directly from Latin. That the unanswered questions I had a 15 about the clunkiness of revered poetry was in fact correct. And there are really only two true poets in English before 1900, Shakespeare and Byron.
Joan Rivers, her I knew of, but much less. What I did know provided a picture of a moxy dame in the old meaning. A woman with real gumption.
I think she may well have toured this side of the Atlantic since she started but I remember from the 90s only. And yes, some of her stuff was USofA big time. Mostly it was general to the human condition.



Kilcash Castle, from about a mile away to the south.






When I saw this pattern I thought of tick-tack-toe, or as it’s known here and the UK. Naught’s and Crosses or Exe’s and Oh’s.

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  1. Sage says:

    I have come along the same path as you concerning Robin Williams… Is there a blackberry (my favorite) pie in your future?

    • V.H says:

      No. People do make the pie/tart as we call them. But they wouldn’t be all out as popular as with you. Remember most of the people who would’ve foraged from the countryside are either over with you or are dead.
      Wild fruit was seen as poor persons food, or food for the natives. But there was an underpinning in the post 1000AD church for it’s connections to the cult of Dionysus. And you know what he looked like.
      What I do is graze the hedge. I pick from brier to mouth. And the harvesting of the wild fruits is widening, but mostly for jam making.

  2. Kimberly says:

    Oh yes! Those blackberries look divine!
    I’m with you on the live and let live philosophy. Suicide is a hard one though. It does greatly impact the families and friends of the person who takes his/her life. But clearly, someone who is even contemplating taking their own life isn’t capable of thinking about those left behind – the pain they are in is all consuming I’d imagine. It’s a shame about his death. He was quite a talent. Ironically, his addiction seemed to have a lot to do with his talent.
    Joan Rivers was something. Crude and crass is funny for a time, but I could only take her in small bits. Anything more was just irritating.
    Beautiful summer photo of the castle.

    • V.H says:

      Rivers on this side anyway was a bit of fresh air. She spoke up on female things only whispered about before her. True, she wasn’t someone like Robin Williams that you could click YouTube video all night.

      On suicide, the tragic situation for those left is in not having a reason to hang a hat. Williams had a long, and well known battle with depression -leaving the addiction aside for the moment. Parkinson’s disease can be a nasty bastard depending on the levels. We have a belief Williams just got it, but his earlier patterns can easily fit into the pathology.

      On the castle. I used a graduated Neutral Density filter to lower the sky two stops. You can see it in the top of the tree on the left.
      You know what might really help you in LA is a polarized filter. They’ll tell you on the WWW you no longer need one. But what it will do is allow you to open the lense like the ND filter, but it also will take the nasty glare from anything than will reflect like a river, a window or cars.

      • Kimberly says:

        Interesting on Rivers in Ireland. A different perspective on women, and their roles for sure (for both sexes probably?), than previously thought about. I hadn’t been aware of the Parkinson’s angle for RW.
        Yes! I have done some reading on the polarized filter and have used “them” on some of the photos I’ve taken with the iPhone. I do like the color they seem to get – bright without being overly saturated is how I might describe it? I haven’t used one on the new camera. To be honest it’s been put to the side since school went back in session.

        • V.H says:

          The filter I’m on about is one that fits before the front lens element.

          A trick I’ve found useful is to stick the camera with the short lens in your everyday bag. Then when you go into town you’ll see shapes and colour mixes that you otherwise wouldn’t notice. Even window displays.
          You may never take the thing out of the bag, but your eye is sorta looking at things and making decisions.

          • Kimberly says:

            Yes, the lens filter is what I meant too. I have a little one that twists on the phone. 🙂 Right now the camera lens has a UV on it. I think there are combo filters that would do the polarizing and the UV? Or maybe the UV isn’t even needed with the polarizing one. I’ll have to research that.
            That is a good idea, and something that I was trying to do early this summer. It’s a good habit to get into.

            • V.H says:

              You can rotate the filter, and see it on the live view on the phone ?. Wow, no wonder the camera companies are having conniptions and are pulling out all the stops to get new product out.

  3. Kelly says:

    I’m not a fan of blackberries (or raspberries), but I do enjoy huckleberries which grow wild in these parts. My daughter picked some near her home and made us huckleberry muffins when we visited her recently. They were delicious!

    All the photos are lovely. I’m a sucker for castles, but there’s something quite appealing about that shot of the sky with the contrails.

  4. Ed says:

    Although my religion has said it is a sin, I’m someone who believes that my beliefs don’t apply to everyone, only me. So if Robin Williams was comfortable with his decision, all the more power too him. Personally, I think I would be in favor of assisted suicides where every thing about the decision would be out in the open so that it isn’t a hurt on anyone involved. I’m not sure what kinds of controls would need to be in place but I’m pretty sure that something could be worked out.

    • V.H says:

      I tend to agree. I would be very wary about the mentally ill seeking such a route though.

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