Autumn morning.

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  1. Kimberly says:

    I like that first shot with the one roll as the focal point. Did you use a filter on that? It has a very nice warm tone to it.
    Pretty flowers. What kind are they?

    • V.H says:

      Actually no. The sun was low and to my right but sorta 45* and I exposed for the side of the bale of straw using the flash. That lit that bale, but left good shadows. I was worried about getting lense flare. Some mornings we get a light fog early and this was perhaps the first of the autumn.

      • V.H says:

        I don’t know what the purpley/bluey/mauvey one is. But near a wood I bring Jessy the place is carpeted in them. They are quite small so to get impact I had to get up in their face. I’d say I’m about a foot away.
        The red is the fruit of the Guelder Rose . It grows wild in the hedgerows and on the edge of woodland glades. I believe it had an effect once on the people that lived in the countryside.
        Ever see A mid-summers nights dream. At one point the very best time for a woman to give birth was after mid to late spring. She’d have enough food to produce milk and the kid would be big enough to eat the adult food before the winter set in. Basically six months on the breast before a natural weaning when her supply lessened.
        Of course, different latitudes had different climes so different times. But in general the central European, the German, Pole, Russian has this tradition underpinning the culture. If you think of all the pushme-pullyou German paintings of the 18th century where a sunny woodland glade scene has a couple wrestling on the grass.
        Well one of the tools was that fruit.

        • Kimberly says:

          Oh that guelder rose flower is awfully pretty. It’s looks very similar to the hydrangea. Are they related?
          Tools? You mean it got the wrestling started? 🙂 Ha ha ha!
          I hadn’t realized that is where “cramp bark” comes from.

          • V.H says:

            Yes, it looks very much like a Hydrangea. The big mops are cultivated but the ‘true’ form of both could be mixed up.
            And no, the bottle of wine did that for the wrestling. This, how do I put this delicately, loosened things up, and for both.
            If you had a fellow who was a bit over controlling one who was self-restraint beyond the degree good for him or society. This would light the fire, and the property useful for cramps would have him blow like Mt St Helen’s. Ditto for the chick.
            I’ve heard Long Island iced Tea has somewhat similar side effects.

            • Kimberly says:

              I’ve been meaning to get back here to reply, but this short week has just gotten away from me…
              Ha ha! Yes, the Long Island probably has similar effects, to a point. The problem though, too much and the user passes out long before there is any exploding. 🙂
              Did your boots finally arrive safe and sound?

              • V.H says:

                Yep, they were sitting in the local post office.
                That’s a problem we’ve got here, the postal workers are quasi civil servants. But I complained to Amazon about the way they act for they were insisting you sign for the package before you’d seen inside. So by signing you were indemnifying everyone who handled it, and if it was damaged in effect you were accepting that occurred in your hands since you signed it was inspected and OK on delivery.

                They will not be much use for hiking in the winter days as they are open at the tongue and water will flow into them from the top. But they are a handsome boot and won’t look too bad in smart casual with a jacket. But it does mean I’ll have to get another pair.

                • Kimberly says:

                  I’ve been noticing that happening here too. Where FedEx or UPS are charged with the shipping and then they deliver it to the post office who gets it out to the customer. There have been a few times where the delivery services and Amazon (or whoever sent it) show it’s been delivered based on the tracking number, but the post office hasn’t yet. Amazon actually had to replace an order of mine because after a week it still hadn’t arrived. The original order arrived AFTER the replacement order because, I’m sure, it was sitting at the post office. Again…first world problems, but still! I’m glad you got them anyhow. Those Timberlands will last you too.

  2. Kelly says:

    I saw a scene much like the first shot on my road trip Sunday – without the hills in the background, of course.

    Beautiful colors in the other two photos. I’m not sure which I like better, but probably the purple.

    • V.H says:

      Yes we’ve lots for about two months now. But I wasn’t up early enough to get shadow before now.
      That plant is the oddest thing. Depending on the light it shifts from a pinky-red all the way through to that inky-purple. And it’s about as big as the picture, maybe a bit more but not much.

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