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Simple recipes

I made a risotto yesterday. This is not a thing I usually make for life’s too bloody short for fussing about shushing fat little grains about a frying pan. Yesterday though, a revelation and instead of the frying pan I reached for … Continue reading

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About as prosaic as you can get, my wmashing machine stopped yesterday. I had the choice of buying a new safety door catch (a unit with the electric switch) and the rubber collar for once opened up I discovered it … Continue reading

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Foggy Photo’s and a conundrum

Wouldn’t it be great if the mere fact of downloading a paper was sufficient to gain an understanding of its contents.

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There was an independence vote in Scotland this week. The outcome was 55%-45% in favour of remaining part of the UK.  Or as it’s reported 55% NO, 45% YES. There was an 85% turnout of the electors. This is an … Continue reading

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Sunset over the river.

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When I was younger.

When I was younger I knew precisely what to think about the death of Robin Williams. It was a sin. He killed himself. End of, as the say in England. Now, I’m far far less judgmental and take a live … Continue reading

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Autumn morning.

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