The oddest summer I’ve ever experienced has about another month to run. I know it’s not ‘proper’ summer, but autumn. Still, that’s how the summer has been.
It’s hard to explain just why it was odd since we’ve, on the evidence of the statistics, had one of the good ones.
If I put it like this. This is the first time when the difference in temperature between the shady and sunny side of the car is enough to dramatically change the tyre pressure in the car.
Usually, there is a difference, but the rolling action of the wheel over the first few hundred yards warms them up to about the same. Nothing that’s distinct anyway. But this year we’ve had cold on the shady side. Not cool, actually cold. If on the hottest of days you sat beneath a tree you have to stop yourself from pulling down shirt sleeves.
We’ve also had violent expulsion of water from the sky. I emptied a 40 gal barrel to clean it. It refilled overnight off a 400^ft roof.
As I said odd.

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  1. Kimberly says:

    It sounds a bit more like spring than summer, doesn’t it? That cold shade and hot sun is typical of spring here. Do you wish it were warmer or has it been pleasant? I hate to jinx it (for me) here, but I think maybe summer has been milder in general this year than in the past few years. I haven’t heard reports of “heat waves” anywhere so far, and that’s unusual. Even here, while it’s been warm certainly, we haven’t had the days and days of over a hundred degrees. Most days have stayed in the 90s and some even in the high 80s, which for August is unheard of. After our very mild winter (warmest in history) I was quite worried our summer would be scorching. There are still a couple of months of ours left so fingers crossed, but summer is winding down in most places, I’m glad it wasn’t excruciatingly hot.
    That is a ton of rain!!!

    • V.H says:

      Yes, that’s it exactly. Spring. What’s happened is it’s been oddly satisfying and incredibly incomplete too.
      I meant to explain the tyre thing. If you are driving here with all out twisty roads with uneven tyres you are very likely to hit the verge until they even up pressure-wise.
      Mind you had you written this year about the sun in LA I wouldn’t be anywhere near as grouchy for yes we’ve had a very good and pleasant season. Nonetheless it feels a bit like May.
      You’re miles for the quake aren’t you. But with a 6 is it likely that the fault will part like a zip. Or is it, to prolong the clothing analogy, like a chick in linen trousers bought a few sizes too small who crouches too quickly and the stitching blows and releases all the pressure.

      • Kimberly says:

        I would imagine all the moisture in the air would also mess around with the tire (tyre) pressure over there? Do you find you have to check it regularly this time of year? I so rarely do. I know when I start screeching around corners, it’s time to have it checked. And funnily enough, I haven’t written about the heat this year because (while it’s still hot) it has not been the record heat, so all in all, none of us have too much to be grouchy about…for now. 😉

        Yes, thank you, all is fine here. And to be honest, I didn’t even know there had been a quake until about 9am when I woke to find someone had posted about it on Facebook. Still though, knowing there was one always gets the nerves on end here. We’ll spend the next few days thinking/worrying about it (and hearing about IT on the news for the next 48-72 hours straight! 🙂 ) and then forget again until the next one. As I’ve mentioned in some of my posts before, there are two schools of thought when we have them…they are predictors of more/larger to come OR they relieve pressure and lessen the strength of what could be. I always hope for the 2nd scenario. I find it fascinating that these really big ones seem to always happen in the middle of the night. It’s probably a good thing, as the damage could be far worse if people were in rush hour traffic or en masse somewhere that collapsed, and families are more likely to be separated during the day. However, being woken by a quake that large in the middle of the night, in the dark, is so frightening.

  2. Kelly says:

    It’s definitely been a cooler summer for me. I don’t think we’ve had but one day in the triple digits…almost unheard of! Here at the end, though, things have started warming up and the humidity has gotten bad. It’s usually well above 90% in the mornings. At least by mid-day it’s usually less than 60-70%.

    • V.H says:

      For you that’s a good thing. For us, we have a winter to summer range of about 17 degrees Celsius, but usually much much narrower.
      This summer most days are above 20*C, many as high as 25. Only they never felt that way.

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