Shots taken near Kells.







Every time I visit one of the High Crosses near me I forget to bring something to give an indication of scale. The tripod was all I had.  Open like that it’s about 55″ high, and I at 6 foot (just)  5′ 11″ and a bit, am a good foot below the crossing piece. If not more.

DSC_8627 DSC_8574

Slievenamon, the mountain I hike most weeks from 13 miles NNE. The righthand profile describes the route I take.


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6 Responses to Shots taken near Kells.

  1. Kimberly says:

    What a beautiful shot of the mountain! The crosses fascinate me. They’re so intricate. Yours there is pretty well preserved isn’t it.
    When you say the “right hand profile” do you mean the right side of the photo, or am I missing something that actually describes your route?

    • V.H says:

      Actually the route is along the profile you can see on the left. I don’t know why I said ‘right’. Maybe subconsciously I think I’ climbing the back to her.

      On the crosses they are remarkably well preserved. I don’t know what’s keeping the lichen off of them.

  2. Kelly says:

    The first shot is so beautifully serene. And you can’t deny the GREEN in that one! 😉

    I’m quite taken with the crosses, too, and that is a lovely specimen.

    • V.H says:

      (chuckle) No, I can’t can I. That’s green alright.

      On The cross. That’s a relatively new one. Not 4 miles away from it is the oldest, which is 300-400 years older.

  3. Sage says:

    Beautiful! You should write a book about it… You could title it the Book of… (bad joke, right)

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