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For a few years I managed to live quite well without a watch. It’s not as if there’s a shortage of time measuring mechanisms in one’s life. What with the computer, the nuker, the phone and the cooker. I wouldn’t … Continue reading

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The results of World War 1

A few years ago I and an ex of mine went to see the WW1 battle fields in Belgium. These are some of the photos. The ex and her great-grandparents. They both died just before the war and it took until … Continue reading

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The oddest summer I’ve ever experienced has about another month to run. I know it’s not ‘proper’ summer, but autumn. Still, that’s how the summer has been. It’s hard to explain just why it was odd since we’ve, on the … Continue reading

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There are times I simply don’t know.

For a year and maybe a bit more I’ve had the greatest difficulties dealing with what’s going on in the world. In the past I’ve used the blog to write-through things and see if I can find a form of … Continue reading

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Shots taken near Kells.

          Every time I visit one of the High Crosses near me I forget to bring something to give an indication of scale. The tripod was all I had.  Open like that it’s about 55″ high, … Continue reading

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The kids are up if not out just yet

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A conundrum

I got this one remarkably quickly. And I’m putting it down to doing those maths on the Khan Academy. You have a fox, a goose and a bag of beans on one side of a river. You can only bring … Continue reading

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