Jessy found a rodent in the garden this afternoon. But when it bit her she took umbrage and killed it. Since I only had tea tree oil Jessy was more POed by me cleaning the wound than the rat biting her. But she kept licking it and screwing up her face. Hilarious. Later when I decided to watch youtube in bed she decided she was ill and snuggled up to me and fell asleep with her head on my shoulder facing the tablet on my chest.

My orchids are looking quite well.



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  1. Kimberly says:

    Oh poor thing. Did you see it happen or did she bring it to you as a prize? They’re like little kids when they’re sick or not feeling well. They just want to cuddle. Do you have to worry about rabies or anything like that over there? There’s a lizard that hangs out in the backyard, and it torments Rigby (or maybe she torments it). She’ll stand perfectly still watching it for several minutes at a time before bounding after it. I’m so afraid she’ll catch it one of these days and it’ll end up dead inside the house.
    Your orchids are looking gorgeous! I especially like that white one. It is REALLY white! My mom texted me from an orchid show in HI this weekend telling me she’s addicted to buying them (after having bought 6 new ones). 🙂 I can see that happening in a place where the flowers last quite a bit of time and rebloom rather quick. They’re such interesting flowers, s that’s got to be fun. Here, they’re beautiful for a month or so and then you’re stuck with a stick in a pot.

    • V.H says:

      Yeah, I saw it go down. Earlier this week she nabbed a rabbit, but that was a conjunction of myxomatosis and luck I suspect. Her only bete noir are cats, and them only due to an episode when she was being over friendly and got boxed by the cat. That evening you could actually see the outrage well-up in her when she realises what was occurring and it’s cause. Well, she laid after that cat with such intent her feet did that cartoon running in place upon the pavement. But anyway, the rabbit got squeezed like her squeaky pig or ball. She wasn’t really doing damage, but the poor thing died mostly from fright and being weakened by the virus.
      I think she thought the rat was a rabbit and got a bit of a shock when it bit her, but she stuck into it and shook it that it snapped it’s neck.

      • Kimberly says:

        I don’t know if Rigby knows what a cat is. I was at the vet getting her vaccinations last week, and they have an office cat wandering around. She didn’t even flinch. But a rabbit? Yes, similar outcome.
        That shaking is instinctual I’m sure. Every stuffed toy we’ve had has literally had its stuffing shaken right out of it.

        • V.H says:

          Jess was the very same with cats once. All free and easy, sorta laid back. Now not so much. They do seem to enjoy shaking the bejapers out of something though.
          Oddly, and to reprise on the last comment I made. We encountered a whole family of rabbits this evening and it was all very philosophy. A half hearted chase and then back to where they were hiding to sniff the scents. So to depart for the last one. It seems she knows darn well the rat wasn’t a rabbit.

  2. Kelly says:

    Those instincts always kick in. As many dogs as we have (and have had over the years), there is always an assortment of “trophies” in our yard. Even our inside dogs manage to have their share of backyard victories.

    All the more reason to stay current on rabies vaccines and to keep an assortment of “dog meds” on hand (several of which have tea tree oil in them for the soothing factor).

    The orchids are beautiful!

    • V.H says:

      We don’t have rabies either here or the UK. And we’ve not had it for ages and ages. They have it in Europe but vaccines have virtually eradicated it. Thank God. That’s a disease we can well do without.
      She’s OK today. Actually where the rat bit her on the upper lip has all but healed.
      And thank you on the orchids. I’m only annoyed it’s taken me so long to discover the length of their flowering here. To think I didn’t need to have all those green on green on green house plants all those years.
      They are rescue plants, almost dead when I got them and I nursed them back.

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