Great Amazon Expectations

On Thursday I bought a flash/speedlight on Amazon. Now I don’t know, I may well be a bit of a nut but I click on the tracking about six times a day. Before I could do this tracking I never really gave a shi hoot where my package was on the globe.  Now though I have conniptions when I see the thing is FURTHER AWAY.
I use the UK Amazon. I could use any of the other Amazons in Europe since we in Ireland aren’t large enough to have one dedicated to use alone. Why it matters is between Ireland and the UK we’ve a currency and VAT(sales tax) difference. And for about a year the UK price multiplied by 1.25 gave you the €uro. Now you need to multiply by 1.32.
Anywoos. Amazon told me the flash was in Belgium. Great says I. But when I saw on the DHL tracking site the darn thing was in Hamburg. And no, there isn’t a Hamburg in Belgium, I checked.
Nooooo. Amazon in its wisdom, to get a package west from Belgium to Ireland sent it EAST. Thence to Koln(Cologne) where DHL have a big facility.
Here’s a question. Am I the only person who wants it in my hot little paw NOW as soon as my Visa has been engaged. And so much so that by the time it arrives I’ll be so hyped-up it can only be a profound disappointment.
Oh, we don’t get ‘One-Day Delivery’ here in Ireland. It seems, as far as Amazon is concerned, we are an offshore island like Skye, Mann, or Jersey. But if they can get one day delivery from Belgium/Germany to the UK why cannot they get it to Ireland.


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  1. Kimberly says:

    Like a kid waiting for Christmas morning! :). I think they’ve really spoiled us with those tracking numbers. I recently had an order coming from Dick Blick, and the tracking number kept coming up as an error message on the FedEx website. In the midst of me trying to figure out the tracking number with the company, the package arrived. They’re making us obsess over it.
    The shipping to the main facility makes some sense, but when it goes in the opposite direction there’s something head scratching there. It’s like when flying to Vegas on Southwest…they have a flight that goes to San Franciso first. What?!?! It’s just not logical!
    So a new flash?

    • V.H says:

      Spoilt us, then heck they have. All they’ve done is make the little bit of joy at getting a parcel in the post, to then tear the wrapper to flitters, into a darn rollercoaster of anticipation.

      Wouldn’t it be easier to drive to LV. What is it, 300ishy. Is there a decent stopping place so you could make a trip of it. Something to do mid way, a michelin starred eatery, anything. It cannot be less time flying since you’ve to get through the airport. It might be 90 mins in the air but you’ll have another 3 getting in and out of the terminal. But to SF as well must be a torture.

    • V.H says:

      It’s a new-ish flash that I can put off the camera and fire it with either the onboard flash set to low or a radio trigger.
      Its been annoying to have days when it’s been to dark to use the camera.

      A plus, its fully one eighth of the price of the Nikon or for your Canon too for the same or better. My hope is that yongnuo begin to make cameras.

      • Kimberly says:

        Oh ya, I’ve mostly only driven to Vegas. It’s only about 4 hours with plenty of places to stop to stretch your legs, use the bathroom, and even do some outlet shopping. If I were to fly there, that would be the last flight I’d take, but it is offered.
        I’ve not heard of Yungnuo. Have you used other equipment of theirs…they’re of good quality?

        • V.H says:

          Yongnuo, from a standing start, has in the last three years virtually destroyed Nikon’s and Canon’s market in flashes.
          The equivalent in Nokon is $550 and the same for Canon. The radio commander is Nikon is $340 and the same in Yongnuo is $53, or seven time the price. While the $550 for the flash converts to $70 for you or just eight times. And while they aren’t exactly equivalent there isn’t ‘eight’ times the difference. And what difference there is is down to patents and not replicating too closely, I suspect.
          As to the quality, I’ll tell you mid-week. But if the reviews are anything to go by, they sound well built and can take a knock. But since I’m fairly certain dropping any of them isn’t recommended, I don’t see how that aspect can matter.

          • Kimberly says:

            Wouldn’t that be nice to have found a comparable product at that great price. Like so many things, the “name” adds lots and lots of dollar signs.
            I look forward to hearing how you use it and if you are happy with it.
            I had to laugh at your question to Kelly about how can you NOT check it. I agree!! 🙂 I’m not sure with DHL, but with the three major shipping carriers here, there is often a guesstimate of when it will arrive once the tracking number has been sent. It makes me down right giddy to regularly check it after that and find out it’s arriving earlier than initially expected. 🙂 So silly.

            • V.H says:

              It’s all a game. Nikon and Canon are in the jaws of a nutcracker.
              The bottom of their market has imploded. Smartphones with cameras are better than the point and shoots by a good country mile. And you can do more fun things with them. They thought it was smart to supply cropped sensor but the serious lacks in the technology up to a year or so ago caused people to get rid of them. And of course they had all the hardship of the fullframe without some really serious mathematical conversions. Remember all the openings are circles so every calculation is an exponent. So again the phone’s have the capacity to eat into the bottom of the market.
              Now you have an instrument that has features that would’ve been in highend pro bodies of five years ago. But still they haven’t given a full frame sensor at that price point. So they have the nightmare of all nightmares. The top prices they can get is the province of a few thousand people and none can build a market with them alone. And anyway, if you’ve the cash you’d buy a Hasselblad with Zeiss glass not a Nikon or a Canon.
              But they were greedy. Back in the days when they had a monopoly they screwed every penny out of us. So I for one will welcome Yongnuo fullframe cameras with open arms if they continue the same quality.
              Oh, Samsung has entered the market with full frame mirrorless interchangeable cameras. At least So I read a while ago. The sheer quality of image coupled with lack of weight will destroy the low end Nikons, Fuji, Canon and the rest.

  2. Kelly says:

    Ha! We all seem to want instant gratification these days.

    I try not to track unless I’m really impatient for something. It’s seem counterproductive when I see things moving away from me, but I guess they have to go through their “hubs” in order to move efficiently. With Amazon I use the 2-day free shipping (not really free since I pay an annual fee for this service), and they’re usually always on time.

    • V.H says:

      I was fine before I could follow the items.
      But how on earth do you forego finding out, is that not worse. And yeah, we’ve the ‘Prime’ thing too. Except it doesn’t apply to Ireland and it costs €105 per annum.
      If you were getting lots of stuff I expect there might be some good. Or, you wanted to view lots of TV and Movies. They seem to have opened a version of Netflix.

  3. Ed says:

    I finally signed up for prime so I get most things almost two days after placing the order. The tipping point is that my wife finally caved in and started shopping for more things online. Also we use their Amazon instant video service too.

    Perhaps it is because I don’t check tracking numbers very often but here they seem to only update them at the end of every day so I miss the directional changes of the package. I usually get just three messages, it has been shipped, it is at some hub somewhere and it is out for delivery.

    • V.H says:

      Every so often the Prime is on offer for a month. But in Ireland because there’s little difference between any of the standards of delivery there really isn’t any point unless you were getting clothes and want the free returns.
      I don’t know what they have for films but I expect they’re good value when you compare to the Sky satellite at €30 a month. But the terrestrial via satellite with the BBC and the other services are fine with me so far.

      • Ed says:

        I haven’t really compared the movies but they seem different than what I get on Netflix which I also have. Currently, I am watching the HBO serial The Sopranos which is on Prime. I am about two thirds of the way through season 4 and loving it.

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