A few photos

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  1. Kimberly says:

    Using my investigative skills (enlarging the memorial picture), 🙂 can it be assumed these are all taken in Cahir? The top one is very pretty, but looking closer, the ducks seem to be adding some comic relief to the shot. They sure look busy. I also really like the third one with the sitting man (with bagpipes?). The colors and the composition are really nice.
    I’ve been meaning to ask…How is your foot doing?

    • V.H says:

      The top 3 were taken in Cahir last evening. The bottom one is of Lismalin church. The piper I’d never seen before nor had I heard of Edmund Keating Hyland. And it seems he was a bit of a famous player in his day.
      The pipes are Uilleann Pipes (ill-awe-ne, with the last two syllables sounded as one long sound). How you tell the difference is the bagpipes are war pipes while the Uilleann Pipes are for dances or concerts. They fit quite well with a metal stringed harp. The bagpipes were banned until the middle of the 19th century. It’s one of the reasons why in the USA when Irish people gather there’s a bagpiper or two. Especially in eastern cities.
      One thing though, whenever I see ND I cringe. And not at the utter tweeness. That’s just the in-your-faceness of can laugh now, but when the team pound the stuffing out of your guys you’ll be laughing out the otherside of your face. No no, it’s the bloody guardsmen. The absolute total and complete antithesis of Irishness. The Irish Guard uniform was what William wore the day he married.
      The foot’s grand, I must’ve walked 50 miles since and climbed the mountain a few times. That’s kinda why I feel so irritated. I’m fit, gosh darn it. I shouldn’t be getting this shit.

      • Kimberly says:

        Notre Dame? Pshaw!!! I cringe when I think of them too, but not because of their Guard. 😉 They’ve been in the news recently due to a change in how they choose the members of the guard. They’ll now be chosen from the marching band as a leadership role.
        Maybe it was just a strain or sprain. Glad you’re good to go anyhow.

        • V.H says:

          No, not a sprain or strain, but something I’m having a reaction to. I think it’s sugar, it’s seems to get really bad if I’ve had something with a high fructose content.
          I’d not heard anything about the ND guard. But I kinda like the confidence of the band. Plus, being in the band seems to be more of a thing there than anyplace else I’ve ever seen.

          • Kimberly says:

            They’ll still have the guard, but they’ve been chosen independent of the band. Now they’ll be band members chosen to be the guards. They’ve also changed the 6’2″ height requirement. They say it’s going back to its old tradition of the bagpipers being part of the band and the guard, but it probably stems more from an equality issue.
            Interesting on the sugar. What do you think it’s doing, causing nerve pain issues or are you allergic? Too much sugar has a plethora of side effects doesn’t it. I haven’t heard of if directly causing pain like that, but if you’re seeing a correlation. Did the doctor address that with you or just give you pain killers?

            • V.H says:

              Ooooh. Still lots of people in the USA thought it was the British army’s regiment of the household guard that rendered honours to JFK at the graveside. They were calling the honour party of our officer cadet corps the Irish Guard. Still you’d think ND would’ve done a bit of reading. Even having what amounts to a redcoat in the USA seemed unusual to say the least. Pipers piping is one thing, be enough to put the collywobbles up anyone hearing that pulsing drone and that high pitched (music).

  2. Kelly says:

    Lovely photos and the first and last are my favorites.

    There’s just something about a cemetery, especially one with old, weathered stones and moss/ivy covered “ruins” that totally appeals to me. I’m not sure if the glossy, newer monument here detracts from the scene or makes a statement.

    Despite my affinity for the places, I don’t plan to end up in one or even in a columbarium. I’d rather be scattered.

    • V.H says:

      Thank you.

      We have a lot of graveyards like that one. They tend to be full, with many of them unused since the 50s. Until very recently you couldn’t get into that one in summer what with all the overgrown weeds.
      I haven’t decided myself.

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