What’s going on in the Irish news via the New York times.


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  1. Kimberly says:

    Leave it to the US news to ruffle it up and turn an investigation into a scandal. That 4th paragraph made me laugh out loud…it happens with EVERYTHING here.
    However, it’s disconcerting to hear about how the Church handled these burials. It frustrates me that it doesn’t have to address its shameful acts, even if they’re in the past or because “it was the times”. Is this something that you are hearing about and people are in an uproar over in Ireland?

    • V.H says:

      They jumped the gun a bit. But if, and a big if, they are incorrect it’s in the numbers of bodies in the cesspit. Not that bodies were placed in the thing.
      The truth is had the international press not ran the story, the same Three Wise Monkeys attitude would pertain still. But when you have the Catholic Archbishop of Dublin virtually demanding a Statutory Enquiry you know there’s vastly more hellish data out there and he wants it all exposed in one go and not the slow drip of scandal after scandal every 10 months or so.

      • Kimberly says:

        Not sweeping it under the rug is a change in tide in itself. Maybe the church is realizing just ignoring things doesn’t make them go away.

        • V.H says:

          If they had gone that way at the start, but they were culpable in abuse of adults and children. People actually thought the motivating force in them was for a good, and it was, but it sure as shootin wasn’t for the good of their charges. There they released a degree of rancid institutional racism behind the visage of holiness. And in a way that the people couldn’t mitigate.

  2. Kelly says:

    So many questionable things took place back in the “good old days”. It’s bad enough things like this happened, but worse how the media can twist, distort, speculate, judge, presume, cover up, uncover, sensationalize, downplay the story before all the facts are in. (Take your pick of verb – they’re just looking for their next award for “investigative journalism”. Can you tell I don’t think highly of today’s media?)

    Still….if all these babies were basically “dumped”, it’s a horrible thing.

    • V.H says:

      The terrible thing here is that there are at least another 40 such places. And it’s very likely the dumping situation is the very same.
      The problem is though, had the NYT and other publications across the world not ran with the story nothing would’ve happened.

      • Kimberly says:

        Oh, well, see, that’s frustrating…If it’s only the international attention that has caused them to do the “right” thing. I just wonder when they will learn that trying to cover up wrong doings (even if they were thought of as right at the time) creates more of a PR problem then just dealing with it honestly. Their scandals so often multiply due to the cover-ups. It was awful what happened in those places, and now they just need to admit it, make what they can right, and apologize for what they can’t. I think they would gain far more respect (and maybe even some of their members back) for handling it that way as opposed to how they’ve handled (many) things in the past.

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