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This years fledglings

The Swallows nested under the front doors porch eave. Then once it became to small they decamped en mass to the shed. They are now on the hoist for my bicycle, since removed for obvious reasons. Advertisements

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A post as an aide-mémoire

If I was back two years what would I need to know so that learning the camera wasn’t such a chore.  You see most if not all information about cameras isn’t complete. And in some cases outright wrong. First. The … Continue reading

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A where’s Wally

There are 4 climbers on the rock face on the other side of the lough. I thought I had photos that showed the scale of the landscape, but this is the only one that gives an idea.

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Certainly there are days for instruments. I tend to have the classical music radio station on in the car most of the time. I’ve noted that there are days when I really like a bit of French baroque driven by … Continue reading

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A day trip to Coumshingaun Lough

This lake is at 1500ft. The cliff wall you see at the top of the frame in the last one is the back of the cliff you see on the right of the first few. And those small kids climbed … Continue reading

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A new technique, for me anyway.

If you want lovely, an almost patent, patina to your leather boots/shoes. What you do is get the polish and a soft cloth. Apply the polish evenly as you’d do normally. Then instead of allowing the polish to soak in … Continue reading

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What’s going on in the Irish news via the New York times.

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