Hmm, yes.

There are times when being quirkily interesting drifts over the line into nuts territory. When a man with a mostly black dog buys crisp white Egyptian cotton duvet covers and pillowcases he has definitely made one such segue.


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8 Responses to Hmm, yes.

  1. Kimberly says:

    Ha ha ha! I know that very well. Except the opposite – whitish dog with dark clothes, bedding, towels, everything really! I go to work all to often with a pant leg full of white hair that wasn’t there when I put them on in the morning. She just walks by me and I’m covered. You probably expected, she won’t be allowed on the bed…that never lasts long. 🙂 I do put a blanked on the bed now that she’s “required” to sleep on, if I’m there. That has helped some.

    • V.H says:

      Most of my stuff works with her, so much so it can accumulate a bit before I notice. That’s still better than the stupid male house pride I’d got going before she came.
      But this was a 600tc at 60% off. It rustles !.
      Still that doesn’t change the core nuttiness of snow white bedding and a jet black dog. 🙂

      • Kimberly says:

        600? Fancy! It’s a nice set, but I can see where it would be bothersome 🙂 They don’t let you stay house proud for very long, do they? The house is spotless and then they run through with dirty feet or chew up a tissue, or throw up said tissue, or dump the water bowl, or etc. etc. It’s like the first ding of a new car, once they make the first mess you throw your hands up and say, “Whatever!”, until the next cleaning anyways. But really, no one else notices it as much as you do.

        • V.H says:

          Well, it was some sort of number around there anyway. But yeah, I did think SCORE. That is until I say Jessy looking at me from the hall while I dressed the bed. (chuckle)

          The one thing that gets her sent outside unceremoniously is the hegging like a kid learning to drive before the vomit.

          • Kelly says:

            “the hegging like a kid learning to drive before the vomit” That line is priceless! What an apt description for that moment all pet owners know and dread!

            • V.H says:

              Hegging is the only word I could think of to capture that rhythmic base note you hear even through walls. And the look they have at you when they’ve produced onto some white carpet is priceless. That combo of, Opse, -I’m reeeeely sorry, -What the heck IS that thing, -Wow, that impressive, and I did that -I’ll eat it.
              I always keep an eye open when I see her eating grass.

  2. Kelly says:

    Well I like to cover all my bases…. I have one dark dog and one light dog in the house. That way everything gets its share of visible doghair! 😀

    Seriously…how can you resist that face in the photo. She’s awfully cute.

    • V.H says:

      Yes, she is cute. And she’s learnt how to deploy it too. She’s also a willful little brat too. Sometimes if I tell her to go out, she will park her bum on the floor. Scamp.

      I think you simply get sane with pets. After a while of being Sisyphus awaiting the next hair to be violently shaken free with a vacuum, you simply realise you are being an idiot.

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