A quick visit to Dublin

I had a meeting in the Royal Hospital yesterday. It’s been a while now since I was in the capital, so hadn’t been on the motorway system. But what was amazing was the profound lack of traffic. Now I’m not speaking about light traffic, No, I’m talking none for 90% of the journey. And the only slight delays caused by traffic lights and a mistake on my part when getting off at the junction before the one I was supposed.
I know the route, but to check I went on-line to see if the configuration had shifted. It hadn’t, but two junctions, looking alike, and both with pubs. I simply hadn’t gone back far enough.
But no traffic, nada, zilch. Now I can hear the ‘what the heck is he moaning about’. Well it’s like this. I came up on one motorway, merged with another, and penetrated the middle of a capital city with less bother than I have shopping in a county town. Except those traffic arteries service the entire southern half of the island, or two an’ a half million people.
What it means to have empty roads is no trade. Or an utterly dead economy.


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  1. Kelly says:

    Well, I was kinda wondering until I saw your point. Perhaps weekdays are better (busier)? I’m prone to a bit of road rage, so less traffic is always good for me. 😉

    What is the building? It looks like you had a lovely day to be out and about.

    • V.H says:

      That’s the Hospital. Build on the instruction of Charles II. Basically a fortress guarding the western approach to Dublin, populated by loyal soldiers that survived blooding in wars, and on pensions. Three birds with one stone.

      Weekdays, shouldn’t be busier. People working, kids to school, and so forth.
      Oh, I was quite delighted to get in so easily.

  2. Kimberly says:

    Yah, we’re like that too. During the work week, the traffic is ATROCIOUS. It’s far easier to get into the city on the weekend because all the M-F, 9-to-5ers stay far away on the weekend. I’m with Kelly, I’d prefer low traffic. 🙂 But I’d agree, no traffic in a major city is odd, even eery.
    That’s a nice shot, and it looks like a lovely day. Am I understanding correctly that it’s no longer a hospital of any kind now? It seems to be used solely for special events and the arts now?
    I’m a bit behind with posting…out of town for the weekend.

    • V.H says:

      Yes, it’s our MOMA. And some quite good stuff too. But the cutting edge people of the turn of the 1900 who bought impressionists were long gone from the priest and scumbag riddled state that was created after the 20s. So the collection is quite thin. Here;
      There are some, of course, but they are in the general national collection. Here; But a national european collection with only four Pacasso, no Klimpt, no Kandinsky and no Magritte is an afterthought. Of course it’s hardly surprising. The wealthy drifted to a queer sort of nihilistic fascism with some truly nasty over and undertones.

      Oh don’t get me wrong. I was delighted for myself to get in so easily. But I was up for 11:00am and out by 13:45pm, so the times when people usually get the shopping done or go browsing pointlessly, (I was about to say, like you girls do. But in truth given the correct store. I’m terrible at gazing longingly at things like Japanese chefs knives. As if I’ve not enough of the things. Or tools with red stickers saying 75% Off).
      It was something that was ringing a wrong note is all. Granted, it would be far worse earlier and later of a weekday, during school time and rush-hour. Still, I got all the way in driving ‘at’ the speed limit. Other than when just before a traffic light, that is.

      • Kimberly says:

        Yah, you guys are the first to remind us we like to shop, when really I think many of you are the worse “offenders”, it’s just different stuff. 😉
        Did you get a chance to visit any of its collection while in town? The building and grounds look to be works of art in themselves really. The smaller museums, while smaller in collection, are always nice to see. I like that you can see it all in a visit and have the time to really LOOK as opposed to the larger sites where there’s little chance of making a dent in the collection in one day.

        • V.H says:

          Bullshit !. It’s a question of sheer volume. For each kitchen and tool shop there are thousand devoted to emptying your wallet. And they wouldn’t be there if it didn’t work. 😀

          I like to do a bit of research before a visit. And I’m reading about this place http://www.hughlane.ie/
          But yes I get what you mean. When I lived in London I got to know the Nation Gallery on Trafalgar Sq so well that I could go directly to the room I wanted, sometimes even the painting. I really liked http://www.nationalgallery.org.uk/artists/peter-paul-rubens.

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