Lost Plane

Am I the only one who is stumped.  Why on earth would a jet flying to North to China from Malaysia be South of that heading  in the southern ocean near islands I’ve never even seen on a map, the French Southern and Antarctic Lands.

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  1. Kimberly says:

    It is so very odd. It surprises me with ALL the technology that this has managed to happen without anyone knowing what happened. Other than checking if there is any new information, I’ve not been able to follow the media coverage of it. They’ve turned it into a zoo. CNN actually took a poll of viewers about what they “think” happened. I wouldn’t even begin to think I know what happened.
    A lot of the pilot theories floating around seem to be most logical, but the news can’t help themselves…fear mongering brings in far better ratings. And the dragging anyone and everyone through the mud about having a hand in it without any true evidence; truly shameful.
    I hope they can solve the mystery soon, mostly for the families, but also to stop the show that is being made of it.

    • V.H says:

      They seem to have climbed after leaving Kuala Lumpur for a routine night flight to Beijing on March 8th. Switched on the auto-pilot and flew the reciprocal. And flew it to the extent of their fuel.
      In one way you cannot really blame the News, there’s really only three or four possibilities. Catastrophic failure of a workhorse aeroplane. There’s about 400 Boeing 777-200ER’s and another 800 in the same family. Where the computing nerves both reversed the heading AND shutdown all communications. AND then refused to allow the pilots to re-correct.
      2) All the flight crew were so convinced everything was OK that they didn’t notice anything was wrong. But in that case, why didn’t they send out a squawk when they did find themselves lost.
      3) The plane killed at least the flightcrew after its last communication with the ground and then flew as if it was heading to China on the Reciprocal Heading, only to either drop out of the sky once it met the switch-off point of the autopilot or actually tried to land itself on autopilot in the Southern Ocean. In this scenario, where the flight crew was incapacitated, the cabin crew COULDN’T enter the flightdeck because nowadays the doors are locked once in the air.
      All of the above are far more likely, nowadays,

  2. Kelly says:

    None of the scenarios are good and I really feel for the families who may never know what happened. More often than not, the media does nothing more than disgust me.

    • V.H says:

      There are a few isolated islands in the Southern Ocean that they might have reached, but I feel at this stage … .
      I’ve been reading the news from US sources over this last few hours. I see now what you both reference. The coverage here is quite different, so different that I took as said the real sympathy for the families.

      • Kimberly says:

        Tonight Jon Stewart did a great overview of the craziness with this story. It’s not up on his site or on Youtube yet. But one of the online news-blogs posted it. I’m not sure if you can watch it with the regional differences, but just in case, here’s the link. It’s very funny and not funny at all, all at the same time. @ 36 seconds says it all.


        • V.H says:

          I watched this soon after you linked to it but when I went to again it was blocked.

          We got a bit of the extreme stuff like with you. But as they were saying it you could hear yourself say, ‘well how do they know that then’. In an odd sort of twisted backwards training when they show us a segment on the news and we think. set-up, instantly. It was a good deal of the problem with Yugoslavia and Rwanda and currently Darfur and Chad.

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