Students of history need to very wary of what’s going on in the Crimea at this moment. It has an echo from Archduke Franz-Ferdinand assassination  and the takeover by the Nazi’s of the Sudetenland.
There is little doubt that Putin is a bit of a bully. But however you view him now he’s given the Russian people’s a pride in themselves that’s been missing since 1990. No longer are the young Russian women the worlds sex workers. Still, that is no reason to give him a ‘by’ in this matter.
Ukraine is without one shadow of doubt a kleptocracy. Her politicians are nothing but thieves. She was and is a country of 40 million people deployed in the most mal-directed way that it simply isn’t funny. Her education systems are little better than provision of the three ‘Rs’ thereby condemning her children into a perpetual slavery. And why ?. Well, it’s a darn sight easier to control the uneducated than a dedicated and well-educated citizenry.
None of this provided Russia with carte blanche to attack.

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3 Responses to Ukraine.

  1. Kelly says:

    I watch (from oh, so far away) disturbing events like this (and so many others in the world). Then…I watch my own country’s reactions. As I’m not one for political debate, I’ll leave that statement hanging…..

    Interesting you mentioned Sudetenland. I have a friend who came here as a war bride. She was originally from there.

  2. Ed says:

    The whole situation seems to be getting worse by the minute. I am afraid that we are going to be suckered into doing something about it and Russia certainly isn’t like the Taliban. I hope Obama and the rest of the administration ask themselves, what is in it for us if we get involved. In situations like this, we need to be selfish.

  3. Kimberly says:

    I had started a comment this morning but didn’t finish it before I had to leave for work, and now it’s gone…
    It sounds an awful like what happened in Georgia a few years ago. I think the options of what to do are limited. “We” can threaten all we want, but they’re empty threats, just like they were in Georgia. Putin is a bully, and seems to bask in those threats, probably knowing there will be no follow through anyways.

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