I’ve moved the photos around quite a bit. I had the notion of having the sunrise and sunset bracketing the other three but it just seemed twee and very much contrived. Not did it zing colour-wise. Of course I forgot to bring the wide-angle and only had the 70-300 telephoto. AND in all the making of canvases and frames, putting canvas on frames. I forgot to write a small summary about the photographer and the photos.

DSC_6843 DSC_6844 DSC_6846

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  1. Kimberly says:

    What a nice open space to hang them in. I love the brick. What part of the library is this? They look great against the brick, and the way they’ve been hung with the cording/string adds to the interest. They do look nice together as a collection. Does the last photo show the final spots or are you still deciding?

    • V.H says:

      If I had the 35mm I could’ve given a better idea of the colour of the brick. Looking at those photos you’d think they were of three different rooms. But I had to shove up the ISO which is pure crap on my camera above 400 and even then it’s pretty useless. I say the true colour is above the radiator in the first one in the corner.
      Yes, the last one is the final positions. Sunrise; Waterfall; Sunset; Jess on Beach; Mountain Crag.
      Now, to write a potted biog and some flowery descriptions.

      The book part of the library is opposite the Sunset. The doorway is the same width(12′ wide by 9′ high) as the brick section the picture is hanging. I’ll add a few photos later.

  2. Kelly says:

    Yes, the brick provides an interesting backdrop for the photos. I would love to see the lighting and how it all looks in person.

    • V.H says:

      I chose the photos with the brick in mind so I stayed away from green. Hard to do given the country I live in, and for all our greens there is none opposite that brick red.
      I’ll be in early next week and I’ll take some with the small lens. I will say I was correct in not going to large in the numbers. I could put in two more, but the five was a good fit.

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