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A winter’s scene.

It requires resizing for full effect. Advertisements

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Laughing at this doesn’t make one a bad person.

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14 Dec 2013 (or for want of a title)

Presents. I got a halogen cooker from my mother for Christmas. It’s a big glass bowl sitting in a holder with a lid which contains the working bits. I thought it was like a microwave but not a bit of … Continue reading

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Hmm…. .

My usual go-to subject to get me started on a blog post, even if I later delete all reference, hasn’t done anything cute that’s also new lately. And since I climb the mountain weekly that’s a lost cause for newsy … Continue reading

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A book review !.

I’ve just finished reading The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón © 2001, translated from the Spanish by Lucia Graves © 2004. Set in Barcelona, Spain bracketing the twenty years either side of 1940. In structure it is … Continue reading

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The Christmas Truce 1914

On Christmas Eve 1914 the Allied troops heard the German sing their songs of Christmas.  The baritone voices travelled the distance over the mud between the trenches. These lonely men on both sides remembered home and their families on that … Continue reading

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Morning Gallop

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