Little jealousies

I normally read sitting at the desk as I’ve a rather comfy tilty chair. But since I’ve started the Larson books I migrated to reading in the distractionless bedroom where I don’t have any impingements beyond a clock radio.
I prop the pillows in such a way such that I’m neither bolt upright not that dissatisfying almost flat. It would best be called tilted. From this position with the book held in both hands on my belly and about 15 mins into the read I encountered an eye. Just one mind. But an eye looking up at me from under my forearm in that tiny gap created between it and my side.
On taking the book to the opposite side, I noticed Jess has gotten herself up on the bed and in such a way that she’s alongside me but not actually touching me. It is the most hilarious thing see these antics.

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  1. Kimberly says:

    Yep they don’t want to miss a thing do they. Mine has been known to knock the book out of my hand or lay across the lap top while I sit in bed and work. Even so, it’s endearing really.
    Which are you reading now? By the end of all three I sat bolt upright, especially the third one. If I had nothing but time on my hands, I’d read them all again. After seeing the movies (and being reminded of their excitement) I bought all 3 at a used book store with the intention of reading them again, but I just can’t justify spending the time on something I’ve already read when there are so many others to read. I hope you are enjoying them. 🙂

    • Kimberly says:

      Oh and I forgot to mention that’s a pretty new header photo. What time of day was that taken?

      • V.H says:

        Thank you.
        That was dawn through a fog. With my eye all I could see was the disk of the sun and that hint of yellow. It didn’t even look all-that when I was viewing the thumbs. But when I opened it up I got a very pleasant surprise.

    • V.H says:

      I’m still on the third one. He reminds me of the Ludlum books. The early ones. I notice he doesn’t really use Sweden that much, or at all really. And you have no real impression of the flatness of the place. It’s as if he’s writing for Swedes, and I kinda like it. In fact I was wondering what was so familiar about the style. And shur it’s the Abbey Theatre. That spareness of O’Casey, Synge and Beckett brought to the novel. Basically we know it’s Stockholm or wherever, but what do ‘we’ gain by knowing the coffee shop on the corner of karl-Gustaf and Bernadotte once we’ve got the basics.
      I’m reading Wodehouse also, elsewhere.

      • Kimberly says:

        Ya know, it took me a bit to wrap my mind around what you were saying, but I do agree. The first one DOES spend a bit of time describing the setting of the island and nearby town which is an essential part of the story. Although the setting is made up, I did appreciate it to a point as I was not really familiar with Sweden’s landscape. But I do find that sometimes description can drag a story. Where I enjoyed book 1 and 2 very much, parts of it (especially 1) I skimmed over a lot of the description because it slowed me down. The third one was the one I liked best, and it was the one that spent more time on the story.

  2. sage says:

    Like you, I only have a clock radio in the bedroom–no TVs! Our animals can be quite humorous and I wonder what they think of us when they look at us with their cocked heads.

    • V.H says:

      It may seem an odd thing to say but I’m a better man for her being in the house. I’m certainly kinder anyway. It’s impossible to resist that unrestricted joy they have at seeing you and their pure fun.
      I think if you can avoid any distractions in the bedroom. Well, manmade ones anyway, the sounder the sleep. Then the sounder the sleep the more rested one is.
      But I do think there is a culumative effect with the greatest being the smartphone. I now think this should not only be left out of the bedroom but also switched off.

      Oh the boots came. I’ve walked about 30 miles in them since Thursday. They are very sound and only gripping a bit where the top of the tongue meets the padding. I’m fiddling with different lacing systems til things bed in.

      • sage says:

        My smart phone recharges in the office over night–it doesn’t not sleep in the bedroom with me and when I am at a hotel and it has to be in the room with me cause I am generally using it as an alarm, I find it annoying.

  3. Ed says:

    Reminds me of my dog Ted who would come up and rest his head in my lap as a way of telling me I wasn’t paying enough attention to him.

    Back in the day, I could read just about anywhere and for hours at a time. Now if I read in bed even in a tilting position, I would give myself about 15 minutes before I was asleep. For that fact, I try to read out of the bedroom if I want to get a lot of it done. My favorite place is on the couch in front of the fireplace in the basement. There are no televisions or even radios down there so there are limited distractions though if it isn’t a real engrossing book, the fireplace can and does distract me.

    • V.H says:

      Yeah they are scamps right enough.

      I find it’s the distractions when I need to focus that the main difference. Once I could read in the middle of a roundabout.

  4. Kelly says:

    I think they know when they’re being cleverly cute like that and I’m always a sucker for it.

    The current banner really is quite beautiful!

    I enjoyed those books, especially the second and third. Enjoyed the movies, too, but probably the sub-titled ones more. I was researching Wodehouse collections not long ago, but couldn’t decide which to go with, and whether to go with Kindle or “real” editions.

    • V.H says:

      The Wodehouse books are ideal for the throneroom. The writing is far better that it seems at first. It’s really hard to sustain that degree of lightness of touch.

      Thank you on the banner. I was bringing Jess for a walk in the wood.

      Oh yeah, they know. But it’s fun they are after.

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