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Even rain would be better

This last month we’ve had what could only be called bleah weather. The days begin with such promise. There is cloud up really high and visibility is well beyond 50 miles. Infinity really. But this darn cloud is thick enough … Continue reading

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A pre-dawn book review

It seems to get in some ‘for fun’ reading time I must awaken earlier than usual. This is of course all to the good as far as Jess is concerned as she gets to go helter skelter about in the … Continue reading

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There’s something really wrong.

For this last while now I’ve viewed portraiture photos on professional and semi pro sites. One of the best sites 500px simply calls the section ‘people’. In an odd way the lighting of people’s faces and form generally helps when seeing … Continue reading

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Learning curves

Earlier this year when I was thinking about getting a gas BBQ it dawned I could solve a few problems all at the one go by buying a gas cooker. There is a real annoying pesky problem here in Ireland. … Continue reading

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Little jealousies

I normally read sitting at the desk as I’ve a rather comfy tilty chair. But since I’ve started the Larson books I migrated to reading in the distractionless bedroom where I don’t have any impingements beyond a clock radio. I … Continue reading

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First world choices

I really don’t like the google chrome browser and I really don’t know why precisely. Ages ago I found Firefox and was very happy with all the updates ’til last year when I moved to Opera. Then Opera upgraded to … Continue reading

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Oh the joys

Having just discovered the joys of online shopping I’ve only missed one week without a courier dropping a little something. Back when the on-line shopping was in it infancy the model used was that of the catalogue where the items … Continue reading

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