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A real feel of Autumn


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Mmm, what now.

I’ve watched a programme on TV about dogs. Well about dogs intelligence. How they measure it, is with a towel thrown over their heads and then count the seconds it takes them to emerge. How the devil do you measure … Continue reading

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Late meetings

I’ve just watched The Reader. This film, made in 2008, is about the life of a female guard at a satellite camp of Auschwitz after the war. And it is by far the best film I’ve seen in 15 years. … Continue reading

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Amazon’s and stuff

This is my third day waiting for a delivery from Amazon. Last Thursday I went online and bought a long waxed coat. A wax coat isn’t well-known outside these latitudes but it’s not dissimilar from a Southwestern rig fishermen wear … Continue reading

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Something new

I’ve just switched phone and broadband provider. So far everything seems good. The download speed went up from 4 meg to 6 meg but the upload speed stayed the same.

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October 18th, I don’t believe it’s gone so quickly

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Disappointment, relief, then a cold anger.

Certain things really get on my wick. They are few enough in number and they in general hinge upon the bullying of the weak by those in┬ápositions of power. This is one of the reasons I find the current political … Continue reading

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