Forest fires and a comment

The news here about the fires in California would imply the entire place was turning into nothing but a blackened charred heap. Yes, there is a humongous fire. And yes, the water supply to San Francisco is under huge threat. But the big trees are just fine thank you very much.

Since given up coffee last week I’ve taken to crunching cardamom seeds, not the pods. Nope, them I open to get at the seeds.

The wasps, this last week are unbelievable in their sheer numbers, and everyone around is in the same boat.  Jessy caught one but let go rapidly with a look of puzzlement on her face. She isn’t allergic to the sting that’s for certain.

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3 Responses to Forest fires and a comment

  1. Kimberly says:

    Although HUGE, this fire has been odd in the way it’s being reported and dealt with. The news headlines report doom, and then the experts quoted are like, “Eh, not that big of a deal.” Yosemite is so big, they still have tourists visiting in parts 20-30 miles away. And a lot of the safety measures – sprinklers, skimming the harmless ash in the water supply, etc – seem to be happening due to public opinion rather than real necessity. That’s not usually the case. Since fire is necessary for replenishing of the soil and what not, I wonder if they’re letting some of it burn just because. Down here that’s often done if there aren’t any structures nearby and it can be kept at a controlled burn.

    What’s the cardamom doing? Is it relieving that caffeine need or just something to do? I don’t think I’ve ever had a cardamom seed on its own before.

    Glad Jess isn’t allergic. What’s causing the large number or is that a regular summer thing?

    • V.H says:

      Yes, a Summer thing. Really an end of Summer thing. They all look for a place to die/hibernate. But I’ve never seen it this bad. I think I must be swatting 20-30 a day. Usually it’d be 5 tops.

      I think it’s more I had a supply of the pods which I split open and grind down in a mortar to flavour the espresso. But it could just be, I don’t know. At the moment I’ve a Star-anise sitting in a glass of water. Never did that before just now. It’s actually very nice.

      I think that the news is really trying to up the tempo on this. We have no axe to grind with the fire so you’d expect a better and intelligent analysis, but no. They are taking the feed direct from god knows who.

  2. Kelly says:

    From what I understand, many of the communities in the fire areas have opposed prescribed burning for years and, unfortunately, that makes the available fuel just pile up waiting for the first spark.

    Yes, it’s good Jess isn’t allergic. Wasp stings are no fun!

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