Coffee detox hell.

This past month I’ve had in mind to stop drinking coffee for a month or two. I do this on a relatively regular basis when my consumption gets noticeable. Where by noticeable I mean going into the second 8oz pack. This occurred a month or so, ago. Last week I finished a pound of espresso coffee in less than seven days !!!. The thing was when I go shopping I go into auto-drive and buy from the list I have on the phone.
This week I decided to shake things up a bit as the usual place I buy coffee was in a different town. It did work. I now have a raging headache where the back of my neck is seized in a vice-like grip and the little bit of sunlight is lancing my eyes.

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6 Responses to Coffee detox hell.

  1. Kimberly says:

    😦 Ohhh, I’m sorry. I can completely empathize with you. Certainly there are worse pains, but that headache is bad and relentless. I wonder if it’s worse too because you drink espresso? Does that have more caffeine than a “regular” cup? Pull out those sunglasses. When I went cold turkey last year, I wore them inside and out. Maybe since you quit more regularly you’ll snap out of it quicker. It took me about a week to feel better.

  2. Kelly says:

    I’ve always indulged in some sort of caffeine, whether it be tea or coffee. Though I have a pot of tea most afternoons, I often have a cup in the morning and have lately substituted coffee a few days a week. Despite having vivid memories of the “worst headache ever” when he gave up coffee years ago, my husband has been seduced by the aroma and begun drinking it with me.

    My sympathies in your pain. I hope it passes soon.

    • V.H says:

      Yeah, that’s me too, seduced. But I wouldn’t mind if it stayed at one or two cups. It doesn’t, very soon it’s 6-10 espressos before 10:00 am.

      You mentioned about seeing edits only after hitting sent. Well, it seems I’ve a huge blind spot with the ‘apostrophe S’.

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