Official drought

Ireland in officially in drought. It’s 15 days without any rain that causes this definition to kick in. We’re oddly ill prepared for the disappearance of  wet. But then you see something you’d never seen before like the gritters out scattering rock chips over the bubbling tar on the main roads. Only on the driving track the cars cause, not the entire carriageway.
Farmers are moaning again less that two months from their last crescendo of carping. When last time it was because the sky was dumping tons of rain, now it’s the grass burning up from the lack of it. This of course has nothing at all to do with a bet they made three years ago to increase the national herd by 25%, pushing a risk into certainty by removing any leeway they had.

I’m trying the Medium Dog drugs for the tick/flea/worm/mange/heartworm on Jessy. While she is a bit headache-y, she isn’t as poleaxed as she usually is from the Large Dog. Jessy is about 20-22kg, this works out at 44-48llb ishy. And the product splits at 20kg between the Medium and Large. This makes Jess at the top end of one and just inside the bottom of the other.

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8 Responses to Official drought

  1. Kelly says:

    Last night we had the first shower we’ve seen in three weeks. It was less than an inch, but it was certainly welcomed.

    The first of the month is a production at our house. Sorting out which dogs get which products can be tricky. It would be easier if everyone got the exact same thing.

    • V.H says:

      I remember years ago the dogs never got anything other than the puppy shots. But then they were outside dogs. We never knew about Lyme’s or anything like it. But I can tell you that in all honesty Jessy had better medical insurance that I have.

  2. Ed says:

    We aren’t quite at 15 days without rain yet but the last two rains haven’t even left a trace to measure in my rain gauge. Everything is already starting to dry out. But a dry end to July through August isn’t all that uncommon here and wouldn’t be a problem had the crops been planted at their normal time. A wet spring delayed the crops by over a month.

    Hopefully one of us gets some rain but I would prefer we share equally!

    • V.H says:

      Yeah but we DON’T get rays like this. Never ever ever.

      Oddly the spring crops went in easy enough. But for the most part we plant immediately after harvest the previous year. It gives the plant a good six weeks and the harvest is much earlier.

  3. Kimberly says:

    Again, I don’t really have a concept of 15 days without rain being a drought, even 150 days without rain. But I can only imagine that for where you are, it’s a big deal. The amount of green you have, clearly you get a lot of water. Is this something you see every-so-often or is it being attributed to climate change. If I remember last year correctly, you barely saw the sun.
    As for the meds, I’m glad she’s reacting better to the lower dose. I’m certainly familiar with a bad reaction to those drugs. It’s a relief to not have to deal with her losing her mind after a dose.

    • V.H says:

      My one doesn’t so much lose her mind as she gets delicate, like a person with a raging headache.
      Today I was down in Carrick and we went along the Suir where she LAUNCHED herself into the river with a belly flop of pure glee. And that’s the first time she’s been like that in ages.

      What’s so unusual is there has been no rain ‘anyplace’ on the island for 17 days now. They are saying there will be thunderstorms in the West today. But nothing so far.

      • Kimberly says:

        Might be time you all learn how to rain dance then. 😉
        I bet a plunge into the river cooled her down a bit.

        • V.H says:

          Agh no, shur there little need for such ostentation. Frankly while we’re getting a bit confused we utterly delighted we’er getting a bit of sun for the first time in about five years, may even be seven.

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