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There are times….

when Vincent isĀ a total idiot. It has to be said this occurs when he hasn’t really thought things out for himself and allowed the general view to enter. I’ve walked/hiked for years. When I began, when I actively thought what … Continue reading

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Pests and oddness

I had to devote a huge amount of yesterday to tidying up after my twitter a/c was hacked. You feel slightly dirty as if you’d been doing something out of the way. Anyway, now I’ve to remember a heap of … Continue reading

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And the bird poops

1) The top one is of a chick putting its arse over the nest rim and pooping. 2) Wild Woodbine or Honeysuckle. 3) The nest is ducking down. I’ve discovered if I put a torch on pulse flash they come … Continue reading

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Howzat !, for open maws

I forgot the mirror until about 11.30 last night. I thought it would cause bother with the birds, it didn’t. The mother was in under the thing without one little bother in the world. I kinda like the result of … Continue reading

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Looking a bit more like birds, kinda.

You can see the nascent wings. The blue is a geranium named Johnson’s Blue. It’s a zing of a blue.

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Some you win some you don’t

For some reason my wireless keyboard and mouse died. Just up and turned up the toes. So now I had to un-box the USB mouse and board I got with the new machine in January. AND BLOODY MICHAELĀ DELL HAS MOVED … Continue reading

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And the blobs take form, sorta.

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