Eurovision Song Contest

This past week has been the usual tele-visual nightmare but it’s like the scab picking you did as a child, gross but oddly something or other.  Since the fall of the Wall 23 years ago the former east has taken over. But it still holds a peculiar mix of innocence and real politic where ancient hate delivered with a ‘null point’ in a French accent. Anyhoos, tracking twitter through the heats while switching between the BBC and RTE all while my computer connection is on the fritz so trying to see blogs and other sites is an utter pest while the thing buffers itself. I was reduced to holding my phone reading new blog posts while looking at a stalled screen. I suspect my 7mg download speed is a fiction.

Denmark won with a peppy little song.
But by far the best song was an ABBA number from 1980 delivered as a filler The Winner Takes It All
P.S. The Irish song was puerile crap delivered with a strong feel of gay.

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  1. Kelly says:

    About the only music reality show I still enjoy is one called “The Sing Off”, which features acapella groups. It was cancelled after only three seasons, but I’ve heard it’s coming back this fall/winter.

  2. Kimberly says:

    Just had a chance to watch a bit and read up on the “rules”. How are the singers chosen for each country? Are there smaller versions of the competition on a country level?
    I didn’t really care for either song but I think it’s hard to listen to a new artist sing a new song and form an immediate opinion. It always takes me a few listens to really like a song or not. Our American Idol wrapped up this week also. It had the lowest television ratings of its 12 year history. Yawn…
    Your man there looks an awful lot like Pauly D from Jersey Shore. But I was distracted by the shirtless bodhran players. Looked more like Lady Gaga’s backup dancers.

    • V.H says:

      Something similar at the country level. And some very real decisions to be made as to who to send.
      Ireland won it seven times. Way more that anyone else. We won it three times in a row in the 90’s.
      It really is difficult to explain the Eurovision. It’s like a truly international Stanley Cup. Only more important.
      As to the bodhran players. How do I put this. How do I put it.

      I saw Am Idol way back when people thought they were looking for talent and wanted to bring it forward. But I quit when it dawned it was nothing more than a huge gimmick designed to feed the TV with hours of costless footage while making gazillions for the franchise. Now don’t mistake me, I’m all for a dollar being made. But this was utterly ridiculous. Appearance fees for one expert celeb for a few shows was greater than the winner could expect. Greedy madness, playing with peoples hopes.

  3. theeageremu says:

    The cinematography is well done! The music…well that’s a sad little story for another day.

  4. Rebecca S. says: is by far my favourite Eurovision entry 😉

    Believe it or not, V and I were driving into Vancouver on Friday night to see our son perform with a group of young artists – dancers, performance poets, musicians- and we were listening to CBC. They did a feature on the Eurovision Contest and played a bit of several selections including Teardrops. I’ll agree that Abba’s song has proven its staying power, especially after Meryl Streep sang it in the film. That Irish one was, sorry, terrible! The bodhran being desecrated by such treatment! Well, that might be overstating it a little, however, I’d much prefer to go to the pub and listen to some real Irish musicians.

    • V.H says:

      Oh love a duck, spare me from teenage poets. They don’t believe in brevity.
      The Irish have lost the knack, they seem to get one bit correct but ruin it with something else. A few years ago they had a pair of teens. Brother and sister. And had them sing a love song. It was toe curlingly awful.
      Do you know the funny thing is that the country don’t see the gay highlights. They think it’s got all the elements of a good song.

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