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When a B.A.P. is the only man for the job.

Some know my connections with the USA go way back in my family. All through my youth I met family who’d left 100, 150 and in one case 200 years before. But when two uncles married American girls the connections … Continue reading

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Thank God.

How can I complain about the weather when you see what went on in Moore OK. pop 55k, these past few days. You are just bemused. You cock the head to one side and view the scythe-cut devastation and try … Continue reading

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Late Spring

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Bar-B-Que. Help !.

I’m thinking of getting a bar-b-que. Realizing that I live in one of the wettest spots on the planet I’m leaning to something in propane which can be brought inside. But, that’s just me thinking there will be lots of … Continue reading

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Eurovision Song Contest

This past week has been the usual tele-visual nightmare but it’s like the scab picking you did as a child, gross but oddly something or other.  Since the fall of the Wall 23 years ago the former east has taken … Continue reading

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Where angels fear.

I wonder what most men thought when the news that Angelina Jolie had her breast tissue removed. I know my eyes went up and scanned the backs of my eyelids and came down with nothing. I had no term of … Continue reading

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New tools

The first photo of the Hook Head lighthouse. From, wait for it, Crook. Yeppers, that’s the context of the saying, ‘by hook or by crook’. The other two, well, the first is the edit in Lightroom 5, Beta. Notice how … Continue reading

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