Still no Swallows or Swifts

I truly hope when I awake in the morning I read a horrendous and tragic accident occurred in Boston.

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  1. Kimberly says:

    Why yes, you will probably wake up and hear about. And there probably won’t be any NEW news but the media will be falling all over itself trying to report it. It’s just terrible, and yet somehow the 24 hour news cycle makes it even worse. I can’t watch the television news when there’s tragedy. I resort to scanning print for anything new.

    Is that first photo the same bud from the other day?
    Beautiful photo of Jess.

    • V.H says:

      They are saying there was two explosions 100 yds apart. That makes me think no accident. But people are saying stuff that are dubious to say the least. I was watching a doctor being walked into saying the burns were exactly like Bagdad. And then the reports shifted.
      Me, I was hoping it was an oxygen tank that went up. Given it was at the finish, so in the recovery area, that would seem more logical. It would also explain the second if it was near the first one.

      Not the same bud, but the same tree.

      I called her so she was looking at me but before taking her I was on the cows, and so was she. Ergo she’s on half-point and giving me that teen look of ‘Yeah what, I’m busy’.

      • Kimberly says:

        I read something earlier today about how the media is trying to be more responsible with this (what a concept) and not just report blindly to be the first. That’s a good thing, but as said below, they continue to just spout filler. I’ve been checking periodically throughout the day and other than a few of the bomb details, they just keep reporting the same thing as updates. Some of the things written about also make me wonder if they’re trying to cause hysteria and irrational reactions. Argh!

        • V.H says:

          I was listening the the 7am news report. They gave a five minute report from the FBI about the make-up of the device prefaced with MIGHT. It might be a pressure cooker, it might have been carried in a backpack. Well, no shit Sherlock. Like carrying kitchen pressure cookers about in a plastic bag isn’t going to raise an eyebrow or two. MIGHT ?????????????????

  2. Ed says:

    It was no accident. They have recovered one possibly two that never exploded. Late last night they searched the home of a Saudi national here but evidently didn’t find anything. I’m guessing with all the cameras around, they will have a pretty good idea of who did it by the end of the day.

    I can’t take the 24 hour news cycle either. I find that I need to take a ‘break’ from the news and go onto other things before stopping back once in awhile to check the news.

    • V.H says:

      Yeah they are saying a lot, A LOT. But how much has any grip on reality. I simply cannot get beyond the notion of a mob being whipped into a frenzy. This has all the hallmarks of the run-up to a pogrom. And something is gonna give.

      • Ed says:

        I guess I was wrong. It took another 12 hours to find and arrest a suspect. I’m guessing whoever they arrested is a lone wolf of sorts. Now we have another day long news cycle as soon as they tell us the name as everyone dives into their background and tries to make a connection to their political beliefs.

        • V.H says:

          Yes, but I bet you they are in-correct, it’s way way way to quick. And I certainly wouldn’t want to be an innocent trying to survive after such an accusation.

          • Ed says:

            Yeah, it looks like they jumped the gun a bit. It sounds hopeful though that they will catch the bugger though since they do have his picture of him leaving the bomb. That will also make the court prosecution of him a bit easier when they do find him.

            • V.H says:

              In fairness the have a video of someone with a bag on a day that 25,000 people have bags at the end of their race with their walking about clothes in it at that precise spot.

              • Ed says:

                Yeah but they had a video of one placing the bomb which they haven’t yet shown to the public. As it turned out, they were right because one of the bombers is dead having been burned, shot and ran over by his younger brother who is still on the run in Boston. It is just a matter of time now before all that is left is the analysis.

  3. Kelly says:

    Count me as another who hates the non-stop coverage by the media – especially when they’re just filling airwaves and not reporting facts.

    Love the shot of Jess and knowing what her thought process was at that moment. Those two cows are very different looking, but seem quite companionable.

    • V.H says:

      Yes it is just that. Useless filling of the airwaves with speculations. If all they were doing was reporting precisely what they knew then things would cool off and people would feel less pressured.

      The cows are a neighbours. He runs them with one calf on fairly rough ground. I expect he buys heifer calves and rears them then uses the talking bull(vet) to inseminate them.
      And shes a scamp right enough.

  4. Rebecca S. says:

    I heard the report first on a sports channel my husband was watching after lunch – breaking news, just long enough to get the idea. Then I listened to the radio while I was shopping and chauffering kids around in the evening. Fortunately, they interviewed sensible people on the CBC so it was alright. I don’t ‘do’ Fox news or anything like that.
    It hit me as such a shame because the Boston Marathon is a great celebration of fitness and good will and achievement from the runners and support from the crowd. Absolutely senseless. However, this kind of thing happens all around the world nearly every day. Crazy world. There was a fellow from here running but he tweeted that he was safe, having finished far earlier than the 4 hour mark when the bombs went off.
    The perpetrators could be anyone. I am about to listen to the news while I do some cleaning, so perhaps I will find out more.
    Why an 8 year old had to die is beyond me.

    • V.H says:

      Yes, that poor little kid. And it seems his entire family has been damaged also.

      I don’t think Boston will stop running the Marathon. Nor do I think people would stop running ‘in’ it either. I’ve a feeling that people are very likely to deliver a gritty message of ‘Fuck off you bastards’ in the only way that can by extending the numbers in that run for years to come. A bit like Londoners giving the two fingers to the scum that exploded the devices a few years ago on the Tube and on double-decked buses.

      • V.H says:

        If it turns out to be dirtbags that caused this. That’s still up in the air. Albeit coming down very much on it being so.

  5. Rebecca S. says:

    Oh right. Lovely spring photos!

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