Lets wait

The new Pope seems to be the one whom many were looking when John-Paul II was elected so you’d have to say better late than never. I don’t think anyone ever believed the Church was going to enter a period when it was going to actually lead. But dammit, there was no bloody need for them to protect every right-wing crazy general in the political field. Nor the unconscionable time it took to respond to dangerous people in its midst.

I missed the call, the  Annuntio vobis gaudium magnum, this time.  And funnily enough I believed the election would be rapid. But I happened to switch on the telly right at the moment when he moved onto the balcony below the pediment on St Peters. So I was given pause when he asked the  people in the plaza to pray for him and then knelt to pray himself. This before giving the papal blessing.

What will it mean. To me I hope it will mean a clean out of a lot of careerist people in the curia but more importantly it might mean a distancing from the ultra right that are perhaps the more dangerous group. But the thing about the Church and pretty much any church is they are conservative by nature and if they don’t watch and control the reactionary then the avant garde ( the youth) will simply leave. And with their leaving comes the very thing feared by the old guard. Except instead of newness destroying, withering does the same only vastly quicker.

Will it mean women priests, no. Will it mean a change in doctrine, absolutely not. The man is a Jesuit.


My mother broke bones in her foot a few weeks ago. Fixed now, but while she had the cast she couldn’t drive. So I spent vast amounts of time going hither and yon.

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  1. Kimberly says:

    So glad to hear your mom is doing better. You’re a good son for helping out. 🙂
    I also think it remains to be seen. My first thought was that, because he’s a Jesuit, there isn’t going to be any progress forward. Upon regular discussions with fairly liberal friends who are also practicing, that doesn’t concern them as much as having the abuse and cover ups dealt with. Regardless of his stance on birth control, women’s equality, homosexuality, etc. (people are going to follow their own moral compass on those issues anyways) they felt he may actually take action on the abuse scandal. I get that. That’s probably the single most important task at hand at this point for even non-catholics, but the hypocrisy of ignoring the other moral issues isn’t lost on me either. He’s an old school guy, and I don’t see much changing.

    • V.H says:

      Ah I don’t know about good. I don’t mind the driving to hospitals and such, nor the actual destination driving. But I hate the ‘and this’ and ‘this’ and ‘there’, endless list of an oozing time soak. If she’d say I need to go here here here and here, then I could plan.

      The Jesuit aspect is is for me the only part of him that might make a difference. They have a different training to all other clerics and their dedication is to education.
      They were the only group that stood up to JP2 when he tried to instill an ultra right-wing agenda in South America and the Philippians. Remember during the 80s they were being slaughtered in virtually every country in south america.
      On the womens equality thing. I wouldn’t get so hung up on it. I’d say the moves are in hand right now. Birth control, meaning abortion will always be a no-no. But condoms, the pill will be quietly dropped.
      The abuse issue will run and run for it extends far far beyond the precincts of the church. And because of the legal position in Common Law jurisdictions, it will always be hidden. For it’s in that same way when you have an accident in you car that you never admit liability.

  2. Kelly says:

    While not Catholic myself, I’ve been fairly impressed with him so far. I like his humility. Maybe he’ll rethink the celibacy business?

    Glad your mother is doing better. And yes, you are a good son – whether you think so or not.

    • V.H says:

      No, but I expect married before women priests. And yes, it does seem humility is a term one could use. I think that asking for the prayers was actually spontaneous and I like him for it.

  3. Sage says:

    As a Protestant, I’ve been impressed by his humility. I don’t know much about the Roman Church’s politics, but I find it refreshing to have someone that’s not from Europe to be the pope as the church is so much broader than Europe. Glad your mother is on the mend, I just got back from visiting with my parents.

    • V.H says:

      I’d say very few understand the politics of the Roman Curia, even those within it. Of course it hardly helps that they promote people out of trouble. Like Abp Burke in St Louis. He can do far less damage where he is than on the left bank of that river.
      But this guy has ‘it’. Be it the Holy Spirit or a very fine touch for the crowd a la our Ronald (you know RR people came from down the road from me).
      As to not being Old Europe. Myself I’d be vastly more impressed had the elected an Indio, but it might help if the Pope made a few Native Americans Princes of the Church first.

      Yep she’s not so bad, but she seems not to be in such good form all the same. Not as robust. But still nothing I can put my finger on either.

      Yes I saw from your place you were down thata ways. I hope things aren’t too bad.

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