A few hmm’s

A brain damage from heading a soccer ball, which is a twist on dementia .

While growing up I lived miles away from any other kids. This wasn’t any great issue until I was an adult when the games I learnt as a technical exercise like chess and backgammon were seen as something else entirely. Basically I knew what to play but not how to battle since I had no one to reflect and challenge. So yay to the smart phone and it endless app’s, I’m now at long last playing and training at levels unheard of before.

I’ve bought myself an olive tree. It seems there are profound gains from making a weekly tea with the leaves. Since I’ve always fancied trying to grow an olive it will be no great whoop or catastrophe if the hype is bull.

It took me a while to get the gain from the new computer viz. a film.  I have a VGA monitor and also a TV with a plethora of connection fittings. It dawned on me that I could run both computer and DVD if I got the correct wires. Leastwise I believed I could. Well, it turned out so darn easy to rig two displays that I feel an idiot for not knowing it was possible. All I do is start the DVD, switch to the HDMI connector on th TV, left click and hold the DVD window and sweep it across to the TV. Then run as normal. The quality of image is so vast that it’s truly unbelievable. I’ve been editing photos on teh TV too.

I’m on my third phone since December. That’s one a month. I’ve now, so far at least, got one that actually works with something like how I want it to work. Oh, it’s the same model of phone. The shop didn’t like it one little bit. But fair’s fair, I paid for the phone and I want it to work as I wish. I don’t want the active phone memory cluttered up with advertising dross, nor do I want the radio and camera tied to up-dating that dross either.DSC_3545 Jessy and a younger version. They are darn near mirror images of each other.

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13 Responses to A few hmm’s

  1. Ed says:

    I haven’t seen a VGA monitor since my college days. Monitors are so cheap that I wouldn’t stop at just one. Most computers these days can support multiple monitors at a time which makes it nice doing a bunch of things where I can read on one and input on another.

    • V.H says:

      It’s not so much VGA as the connection is since it’s the monitor of the old machine. And yeah, I realise that now. I can make things look like mission control with them all about me. But since I couldn’t do that on the old one it never dawned ’til lately that I could.

  2. Kimberly says:

    Oh my goodness! Jess has her very own doppelgänger! They are almost mirror images aren’t they.
    I’ve got to head out. I’ll be back with more later. It’s pouring down rain so the drive into work this am will be a joke.
    Have a good rest of your day!

    • V.H says:

      Oh yes. It was quite a shock to see them. A good shock all the same.

      And you have a nice day now too. And the rain won’t stay very long with you ?.

      • Kimberly says:

        We’ve had that same report here with our football…and they wear helmets. So on the computer you can watch one thing on the tv(played though the pc) while simultaneously working on something else on the monitor? Or do they show the same thing?
        Although the phone apps are addicting and mostly a big time sucker, the word/thinking games are probably good for the brain. At least that’s what I tell myself when I can’t help but pick up my phone at a stoplight or during a meeting to take my turn.
        I still can’t get over the likeness of the two dogs. She’s not a purebred, right? I think I remember you guessing her makeup in previous comments. Could they be related?

        • V.H says:

          Yes played on the PC, but each screen a totally different program showing. I can watch a DVD and have Firefox running too. Or edit a photo while doing whatever. It like having two windows open but on different displays.

          I really don’t know about the purity. I thought my Jess was a mix of greyhound and sheepdog. But she looks and more importantly acts like a beagle. And Kelly pointed out a while ago that they have a small hound that fits her form. I forget what the breed was though.

          What’s shocked me about the phone is I take it to the bedroom with me. It’s one thing to bring it when I hike. There it’s part of the safety equipment. But what earthly difference will the 1/2 hour wait before I open the computer make to any email I get while sleeping. I’m bleary-eyed and being blinded by the ruddy too bright display.

  3. Kelly says:

    I mostly play word games on my phone, both solitary and with others. My favorite is one I play against myself, though.

    Jess and her “image” both appear a bit wary checking each other out. Amazing likeness!

    • V.H says:

      I started with Angry Birds. But there really is only so much drawing of a catapult on a screen one man can go through without serious contemplation of a full scale trebuchet. And those things are frowned upon over here.

      Yeah, it took ages to get a photo of them. I had in the 70-300 lense and every time I pulled back to fit them in Jessy moved off.

  4. Rebecca S. says:

    I’m working from my son’s laptop today as my big and beautiful PC is in the shop, hopefully being fixed. It’s still under its expensive service plan, but if it’s a virus that’s the culprit, well…we’ll have to pay for that to be dealt with. In comparison with my PC working on this little laptop is like driving a mini when you are used to a roomy sedan.
    Anyway, did you grow up on a tiny island? That kind of growing up happens a lot in our vast Canadian geography, but Ireland is a good deal smaller. Still, I’m sure there are some very remote areas.
    Good luck with the olive tree! You probably have it in a sunny south facing spot…or have you got it indoors? As you well know, I’m a small ‘g’ gardener.
    Well, Jess is such a pretty dog, that I’m sure she liked finding a mirror image 🙂
    Have a good weekend!

  5. Shrinky says:

    Wonder if Jess has just met a third cousin of hers? Ach, I have the kids to do all that teckkie stuff for me, and I STILL refuse to carry a mobile phone – they have theirs if I need to reach them, and that’s enough for me. I’ve got the answer-phone screening the land-line, too, ‘cos I simply HATE being dragged to the phone by either cold callers trying to flog their wares, or worse, outright crooks trying to tap into my bank account! Okay, er, maybe I’m just an anti-social, miserable old woman..? (Blush)

    • V.H says:

      Could be right enough.

      I had a phone for work year before it was usual. Not the brick exactly but darn close. The I had them but never ever thought of them. They mostly ran out. I even went Pay as you Go in the 90’s for I was paying for something I rarely used.

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