A cat in the squabhouse

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  1. Kimberly says:

    Ya know, I’ve always liked Chris Hitchens. He often was a guest on Real Time/Politically Incorrect, and although I didn’t always agree with his opinions they were always pretty thought provoking. I hadn’t heard this speech before, but his supprt of Irving a few years back caused some ruckus. While I get what he was saying, it didn’t sit well “supporting” a holocaust denier…which was probably the point.

    • V.H says:

      Exactly. His point is that silencing Irving is in the very same vein as the process that lead to the Holocaust. The very silencing is part of the issue.
      Or to put it another way. The current narrative of that era promotes that the interlocking ideas of the Nazi’s and Fascists came fully formed rather than a process of incremental banalities.
      Take IBM helping with their card sorting system designed for the US census being deployed in Germany. What on earth could be more boring. But the results allowed the setting of the machines to bring up the cards that were Jewish, Gypsy and those with mental illness in the family. Together with their entire families.

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