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Spring, kinda.


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A cat in the squabhouse

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Lift the life.

Today I was listening to the BBC and heard one of the better maxims. If you aren’t getting cuts and grazes you probably aren’t having enough fun. True I heard this on CBBC in that three seconds while channel jumping, … Continue reading

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A confession. Of sorts.

The economic conditions in Europe together with the stance all the politicians have taken has caused me to evaluate a lifetime belief in the usefulness of the European Union. But it has been so hard to come up with is … Continue reading

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A grab bag

A few days ago I read that Iowa has up to 20% of power production from wind. This done by farmers realizing that they could make a reasonable return on investment. They are the correct group to price such an … Continue reading

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New stuff

Yesterday was the first time I’ve climbed the mountain in one continuous go. I didn’t stop at any point from bottom to top. This mountain isn’t high but it is steep. Steeper than the average stair. A good bit steeper … Continue reading

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