A pretty win

The post Christmas sales this year were crap. But I did get an orchid at half price.

DSC_3195 DSC_3178

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  1. Kimberly says:

    It is a pretty one. For a fairly hardy flower, they sure look delicate. How do the orchids do there? As for the sunset/or maybe rise {sigh}.

    • V.H says:

      Yep. And that delicacy is what has people thinking they are difficult to handle and they are no more difficult than any plant. Far easier than most, truth be told.
      You see them but not often. And I’d see them when I look around a persons livingroom. I suppose another aspect of the orchids is that they aren’t exactly stars for the rest of the year. So the show they put on more or less balances the mat green blah-ness of the rest of the year.
      I know the photos on here are weighted to sunsets. And they are no doubt lovely. But truly there are days that those few moments are the high of that day. It’s a dark winter, far darker than last. I wonder do the Met people keep a number for this.

      • Kimberly says:

        That’s my issue with the orchids. I have never, ever been able to get a rebloom after the flowers fall. I wait several months with a stick in a pot hoping something will sprout before I get tired of the eyesore and get rid of it. But as far as flowers go, they last months longer than any fresh cut flowers in a vase that’s for sure.
        As for sunset, that time of day is always the highlight of my day, regardless of the light, but I can imagine.

        • V.H says:

          Put them someplace dark and let them dry out for a month. Then the bathroom or shower room on the floor. All the big ones are understory so in heavy shade most of the year. And under water rather than over. If in the bathroom the steam will do for the most part.

  2. Kelly says:

    Beautiful orchid. I use to know a guy here that grew them and for some reason I always thought they were difficult to grow. (not that he led me to believe that) I guess it’s just because I don’t tend to have a very green thumb.

    • V.H says:

      Well, we’ll see. It might be a nightmare to get to flower next time. Some of them can be. But in general no. They are epiphytes. When you think about it the more crap you toss at then the better. They’re designed to cling in any chink or cleft on a tree trunk.

  3. Rebecca S. says:

    I received a white orchid as a gift last year. I have it in a place it likes (a large window facing north) and it is now flowering for the third time. So beautiful!
    You and your glorious sunsets. It’s almost akin to showing off 🙂

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