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Does anyone know ?.

Does anyone know what the frack Google + is all about. And will switching it off cause Mountain View to have a hissyfit (itself might be sufficient reason). Somehow or other it installed when I set things up on the … Continue reading

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Life is too darn short for…

filling ice bags with bottled water via a kettle. The gallon bottle being too wide to allow a slow enough pour into the narrow opening on the neck of the bag.  

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A crockpot recipe.

Take one crock pot (chuckle) and put it on a cooker ring, and heat. Pour a good glug of olive oil into the bottom. Then either go the route of Italian herbs, herbes of Provence or a shake of thyme, … Continue reading

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At long last.

I’ve been in the market for a slow cooking cast iron pot for ages. I could have bought a cheap one at any time but that’s what I’d have. Something that would blister the enamel and be unusable after a … Continue reading

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Test upload 2

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Cool and Calm

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